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Romer, C. D.
Romer, Christina
Romer, Christina D.
born 1958-12-25
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David, Christina D. Romer and H. Romer
Grinols, Earl L.
Hsieh, Chang-Tai
Leone, Richard C.
Miron, Jeffrey A
Miron, Jeffrey A.
National Bureau of Economic Research
National bureau of economic research (Cambridge, MA)
Romer, Christina
Romer, Christina D
Romer, David
Romer, David H.
University of California-Berkeley / Department of Economics
Wasow, Bernard
Weil, David N.
Changes in business cycles: evidence and explanations
Changes in the Cyclical Behavior of Individual Production Series
Choosing the Federal Reserve chair: lessons from history
Comment on "The Great Inflation: Did The Shadow Know Better?"
Commentary on "Origins of the Great Inflation"
Credit channel or credit actions? : an interpretation of the postwar transmission mechanism
Cyclical Behavior of Individual Production Series, 1889-1984., The
Discussion of Hacker, Ward, and White
Do tax cuts starve the beast? the effect of tax changes on government spending
Does monetary policy matter? : a new test in the spirit of Friedman and Schwartz
evolution of economic understanding and postwar stabilization policy, The
Existing Estimates, New Estimates, and New Interpretations of World War I and its Aftermath
Federal reserve private information and the behavior of interest rates
Fiscal Policy and Economic Recovery
fomc versus the staff where can monetary policymakers add value?, The
Great Crash and the Onset of the Great Depression., The
Gross national product, 1909-1928 : existing estimates, new estimates and new interpretations of world war I and its aftermath
Historical perspectives on the monetary transmission mechanism
Identification and the narrative approach: A reply to Leeper
Incentive Effects of Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from the Interwar Era, The
Inflation and the growth rate of output
Instability of the Prewar Economy Reconsidered: A Critical Examination of Historical Macroeconomic Data, The
Institutions for monetary stability
Introduction to "Reducing Inflation: Motivation and Strategy"
Is the Stabilization of the Postwar Economy a Figment of the Data?
Lecciones de la Gran Depresión para la recuperación económica en 2009
macroeconomic effects of tax changes estimates based on a new measure of fiscal shocks, The
Missing Transmission Mechanism in the Monetary Explanation of the Great Depression, The
Monetary policy and the well-being of the poor
Monetary policy matters
Monetary Policy of the Federal Reserve: A History. By Robert L. Hetzel. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Pp. xvi, 390. $50., The
Nation in Depression, The
New Estimates of Prewar Gross National Product and Unemployment
New Evidence on the Monetary Transmission Mechanism
New Measure of Monetary Shocks: Derivation and Implications, A
new monthly index of industrial production, 1884-1940, A
prewar business cycle reconsidered, 1986, The
Prewar Business Cycle Reconsidered: New Estimates of Gross National Product, 1869-1908., The
Prewar Business Cycle Reconsidered: New Estimates of Gross NationalProduct, 1869-1918, The
Quest for Economic Stability: Roosevelt to Reagan. By Hugh S. Norton. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1985. $19.95., The
Reducing inflation motivation and strategy
Rehabilitation of Monetary Policy in the 1950's, A
Rehabilitation of Monetary Policy in the 1950s, A
Remeasuring business cycles
Reviving the Federal Statistical System: The View from Academia.
Spurious Volatility in Historical Unemployment Data.
Transfer Payments and the Macroeconomy The Effects of Social Security Benefit Changes, 1952-1991
Was the Federal Reserve Constrained by the Gold Standard During the Great Depression? Evidence from the 1932 Open Market Purchase Program
Was the federal reserve fettered? devaluation expectations in the 1932 monetary expansion
What ended the great depression?
What ends recessions?
Why Did Prices Rise in the 1930s?
World War I and the postwar depression A reinterpretation based on alternative estimates of GNP
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