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Judd, J. W.
Judd, John W.
Judd, John Wesley
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Behrens, Heinrich (1842-1905)
Behrens, Theodor Heinrich (1842-1905)
Bettany, G.T.
Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
Etheridge, Robert (1846-1920))
Lyell, Charles (1797-1875)
Royal Society (Great Britain). Krakatoa Committee
Russell, Francis Albert Rollo (1849-)
Strachey, Richard Sir, 1817-1908
Whipple, George Mathews (1842-1893)
Address to the Geological section of the British association at Aberdeen 1885
Adress delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Geological society of London on the 18th of february 1887...
Coming of evolution the story of a great revolution in science
Contributions to the study of volcanos
Deep-sea deposit.
eruption of Krakatoa, and subsequent phenomena., The
evidence afforded by petrographical research of the occurrence of chemical change under great pressure, The
geology of Rutland and the parts of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Huntingdon, and Cambridge included in sheet 64 of the one-inch map of the geological survey, The : with an introductory essay on the classification and correlation of the jurassic rocks of the Midland district of England
Micro-chemical analysis
natural history of Lavas as illustrated by the materials ejected from Krakatoa, The
On Marekanite and its allies
On statical and dynamical metamorphism
On the ancient volcano of the district of Schemnitz, Hungary
On the development of a lamellar structure in quartz-crystals by mechanical means Read January 10th, 1888
On the gabbros, dolerites and basalts of tertiary age in Scotland and Ireland
On the growth of crystals in igneous rocks after their consolidation
On the processes by Which a plagioclase felspar is converted into a scapolite
On the relations between the gliding Planes and the solution planes of Augite... 1890
On the relations of the eocene and oligocene strata in the Hampshire basin
On the structure and distribution of coral reefs also geological observations on the volcanic islands and parts of South America visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle
problem for Cheshire geologists, A
rejuvenescence of crystals, The
Report on a series of specimens of the deposits of the Nile delta, obtained by the recent boring operations
secondary rocks of Scotland, The
student's Lyell; a manual of elementary geology, The
student's Lyell, The : the principles and methods of geology, as applied to the investigation of the past history of the earth and its inhabitants
tertiary volcanoes of the Western isles of Scotland, The
Volcanoes: what they are and what they teach