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Wahlroos, Björn
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Backström, Magnus
Berglund, Tom
Cabell, Nina
Juselius, Katarina
Liljeblom, Eva
Svenska handelshögskolan (Helsinki, Finland). Institutionen för allmän företagsekonomi
Svenska handelshögskolan (Helsinki, Finland). Institutionen för nationalekonomi
Svenska handelshögskolan. Helsinki
Additional tests on the information content of dividends hypothesis
Announcements, tax-loss selling, and the January effect
comparative evaluation of two hypotheses on the determination of the crime rate in the United States, A
discount rate in capital budgeting of risky projects in Finland, The : suggested risk-premiums
Domestic market structure and the law of one price : European evidence
economic analysis of Finnish property criminality using a time-varying parameter approach, An
economics of the Finnish industrial structure, The : an empirical analysis of industrial concentration, conduct, and performance in Finland in the seventies
Efterfrågan på industriprodukter i Finland 1959-77
Further evidence and an explanation to size related anomalies in asset markets
Markkinat ja demokratia, 2012:
On the use of trade-to-trade returns for risk estimation in thin security markets : a note
Priskontroll, kostnader, resultat och lönsamhet i statiskt perspektiv
Risk and return on industrial assets in Finland
Schumpeter and Galbraith once more : an investigation of economic concentration and research expenditure in Finland
social cost of imperfections in Finnish domestic trade, The
Stock price reactions to announcements of dividends and rights issues : a test of liquidity and signaling hypothesis
supply of criminal offenses, 1978:, The
Waste and reallocation under average cost price regulation : a study in the microeconomic effects of the Finnish price control system
Extra t.p. with thesis statement inserted
Thesis--Svenska handelshögskolan. Helsinki