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Sibbald, Robert
Sibbald, Robert (Sir)
Sibbaldus, Robertus
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Colmar (1680-1685))
Colmarius, Johannes (Edinburgh)
Hett, Francis Paget
Jamieson, John (1759-1838)
Kniblo, Jacob (Edinburgh)
Knibloe, Jacob
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Slezer, John -1714
Smith, Samuel (Londen)
Solingensius, Joshua
Walford, Benjamin (London)
account of a book intitules, Phalænologia nova sive observationes de rarioribus quibusdam Balænis in Scotiæ littus nuper ejectis, etc. aut. Roberto Sibbald, Edinburgi in quarto, 1692., An
account of the scottish atlas, an
Auctarium Musaei Balfouriani. -
Historical inquiries, concerning the Roman Monuments and Antiquities in *. -
History, ancient and modern, of the sheriffdoms of fife and kinross with the description of both, and of the firths of forth and tay, and the islands in them ... with an account of the natural products of the land and waters
History & description of Stirlingshire
history of the Picts. -, The
[http://books.google.com/books?id=pmuomqaacaaj provision for the poor in time of dearth and scarcity]
Latin text for Slezer's Theatrum Scotiæ, 1874.
memoria balfouriana; sive, historia rerum, pro literis promovendis, gestarum a ... fratribus balfouriis ... jacobo ... et ... andrea. authore r.s.
Miscellanea quaedam eruditae antiquitatis. -
Nuncius Scoto-Britannus. -
Pars secunda specialis. Tomus secundus de animalibus Scotiæ tam feris quam domesticis et de mineralibus metallis et marinis Scotiæ
Phalainologia nova. -
Portus; coloniæ & castella Romana; ad Bodotriam et ad Tavm Or, conjectures concerning the Roman ports, colonies, and forts, in the firths, taken from their vestigies and the antiquities, found near them. In three sections, the first, concerning these upon the North Coast of Forth. The second, concerning these upon the South Coast of Tay. The third, concerning these upon the North Coast of Tay. By Sir Robert Sibbald knight M.D.
remains of sir robert sibbald, containing his autobiography, memoirs of the royal college of physicians, a portion of his literary correspondence, and an account of his mss., the
Scotia illustrata sive, Proromus historiæ naturalis in quo regionis natura, incolarum ingenia & mores, morbi iisque medendi methodus, & medicina indigena accuratè explicantur : et multiplices naturæ partus in triplice ejus regno, vegetabili scilicet, animali & minerali per hancce borealem Magnæ Britaniæ partem, quæ antiquissimum Scotiæ regnum constituit, undiquaque diffusi nunc primum in lucem eruuntur, & varii eorum usus, medici præsertim & mechanici, quos ad vitæ cum necessitatem, tum commoditatem præstant, cunctis perspicuè exponuntur cum figuris æneis. ... Auctore Roberto Sibbaldo ....
Theatrum Scotiae : containing the prospects of Their Majesties' castles and palaces, together with those of the most considerable towns and colleges, the ruins of many ancient abbeys, churches, monasteries, and convents ... all curiously engraven on copperplates : with a short description of each place