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Fitz-Herbarde, Anthony
Fitz Herbert, Anthonie
Fitz-herbert, Anthony
Fitzherbard, Anthony
Fitzherbarde, Anthony
Fitzherbert, ..
Fitzherbert, Anthoine
Fitzherbert, Anthonie
Fitzherbert, Anthony
Fitzherbert, Anthony (Sir)
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Crompton, Richard (active 1573-1599.)
Fitzherbert, John -1531
Hale, Matthew Sir, 1609-1676
Hughes, William (of Gray's Inn.)
Rastell, William (1508?-1565)
Staunford, William Sir, 1509-1558
Tottel, Richard -1594
Tottell, Richard (15..-1594))
West, William (active 1568-1594.)
Wyndham, Wadham Sir, 1609-1668
boke of iustices of peas, The : the charge with all the proces of the cessyo[n]s, warrantes, supersedias, and all that longeth to any iustyce to make enditementes of haute treason, petit treason, felonyes, appelles trespas vpon statutes, trespas contra regis pacem, nocumentis with diuers thynges more as it appereth in the kalender of the same boke.
boke of surveyinge and improvements, the
Book for a justice of peace.
Book of Husbandry
Carta feodi
Certain ancient tracts concerning the management of landed property reprinted.
Diversite de courtz et lour jurisdictions
Exposicion of the Kinges prerogative
Graunde abridgement
In this booke is conteyned the offyce of shyryffes, baylyffes of lybertyes, escheatours, constables, and coroners
Loffice & aucthority de iustices de peace
Modus tenendi curiam baronis
new boke. -, The
new Natura brevium of the most reverend judge, Mr. Anthony Fitz-herbert, The
New Natura brevium with Sir Matthew Hale's commentary
newe boke of justices of the peas. -, The
Nouvelle Natura brevium
Novvelle Natvra brevivm du iuge tresreuerend Monsieur Anthoine Fitzherbert
Office et auctoryte des justyces de peas
Returna breuium
Sequitur secunda pars
True copy of the ordinance made in the tyme of King Henry the VI to be obserued in the Kings Escheker by the offycers and clerkes there for takynge of fees of the kynges accomptauntes
Ultima pars huius libri