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Goble, Paul
Little Thunder
Wakinyan Chikala
ゴーブル, ポール
1933- ..-...
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Language material
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Erdoes, Richard (1912-...)
Goble, Dorothy
Kurahashi, Yumiko (1935-2005)
Mahoney, Christa T.
Perrin, Gerry
Tennant, Mieke
University of Nebraska--Lincoln. Center for Great Plains Studies
倉橋, 由美子 (1935-2005)
森下, 美根子 (1956-)
神宮, 輝夫 (1932-)
1979 Caldecott Acceptance Speech
Adopted by the eagles : a Plains Indian story of friendship and treachery
Ai no fue
Arashi no tipī
art of Paul Goble, author-illustrator, The : an exhibition produced by the Center for Great Plains Studies, Great Plains Art collection, University of Nebraska--Lincoln : November 8-December 15, 1995.
art of Paul Goble, c1995:, The
Baffuarō no musume
Beyond the ridge
Boy and his mud horses
boy & his mud horses, The : & other stories from the tipi
Brave Eagle's account of the Fetterman fight, 21 December 1866
Buffalo woman : story and illustrations
Caldecott Medal Acceptance
Chant des flûtes et autres légendes indiennes..., Le
Chien sacré, Le
Commentaries on some of his books
Crow chief.
Custer's last battle : Red Hawk's account of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876
[Dead buffalo shelters Sacred Otter and Morning Plume from blizzard while horses stand nearby]
Death of the Iron Horse
Dream wolf
earth made new, The : Plains Indian stories of creation
fille qui aimait les chevaux sauvages, La
friendly wolf, The
gift of the sacred dog, The : story and illustrations
girl who loved wild horses, The
great race of the birds and animals, The
grote wedren van de vogels en de dieren, De
Hau kola
Her seven brothers
Horse raid : the making of a warrior
Hundred in the Hands: Brave Eagle's account of the Fetterman Fight, 21st December 1866, The
Iktomi and the berries : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi and the boulder : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi and the buffalo skull : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi and the buzzard : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi and the coyote : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi and the ducks : a Plains Indian story
Iktomi loses his eyes : a Plains Indian story
Ikutomi and the berries.
Ikutomi and the boulder.
Ikutomi and the ducks.
Ikutomi to kiichigo
Ikutomi to odoru kamo
Ikutomi to ooiwa
Ikutomi to sharekōbe
Kleine ster
Kurō chīfu
legend of the White Buffalo Woman, The
Lone Bull's horse raid
lost children, The : the boys who were neglected
Love flute : story and illustrations
man who dreamed of Elk-dogs & other stories from the Tipi, c2012:, The
man who dreamed of elk-dogs, The : & other stories from the tipi
Mystic horse
niña que amaba los caballos salvajes, La
Nōma ni natta musume
Ookami no uta
Paul Goble gallery : three Native American stories.
Red Hawk's account of Custer's last battle : the Battle of the Little Bighorn, 25 June 1876
Remaking the earth : a creation story from the Great Plains of North America
return of the buffaloes, The : a Plains Indian story about famine and renewal of the earth
[Sacred Otter and son Morning Plume ride down from ridge near herd of buffalo]
[Sacred Otter approaches a huge tipi as a flock of geese fly past]
[Sacred Otter glimpses tipi in distance during the night in a winter landscape with mountains]
[Sacred Otter steps inside tipi to meet Storm Maker, bringer of blizzards]
sing for the animals, I
Sound of flutes and other Indian legends, The
Star Boy
Storm maker's Tipi.
The girl who loved wild horses.
Three Native American stories
Tipi : home of the nomadic buffalo hunters
--Walking along-- : Plains Indian trickster stories
woman who lived with wolves, & other stories from the tipi, The
愛の笛 : アメリカ合衆国