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Clark, John
Clarke, John
Clarke, John ((Dean of Salisbury))
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Beecroft, John (Londen)
Groot, Hugo de (1583-1645)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)
Knapton, James (Londen)
Knapton, John (Londen)
Law, Bedwell (I, Londen)
Le Clerc, Jean (1657-1736)
Paupie, Pierre (17..-17..; imprimeur))
Rivington, Charles (III, Londen)
Rivington, Francis (Londen)
Rivington, John (I, Londen)
Against indifference of what religion a man is of
celestial worlds discover'd or conjectures concering the inhabitants, plants and productions of the worlds in the planets, The
Concerning the choice of our opinion amongst the different sects of Christians
Defense de la religion tant naturelle que révelée, contre les infidèles et les incrédules: extraite des ecrits publiés pour la fondation de Mr. Boyle, par les plus habiles gens d'Angleterre; & traduite de l'anglois de Mr. Gilbert Burnet. Tome cinquieme.
Demonstration of some of the principal sections of sir isaac newton's principles of natural philosophy in which his peculiar method of treating that useful subject, is explained and applied to some of the chief phænomena of the system of the world
enquiry into the cause and origin of evil, an
exposition of the church-catechism., An
happiness of good men after death A sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St. George's of Colgate, in the city of Norwich: on Tuesday, December 27, 1715-16, at the funeral of Mr. Thomas Hall, ... By John Clark., The
institution of fluxions: containing the first principles, the operations, with some of the uses and applications of that admirable method; according to the scheme prefix'd to his tract of quadratures, by (its first inventor) the incomparable Sir Isaac Newton., An
Onderzoek naer de reden en oorsprong van het zedelyk quaet. : Waer in de staet des menschelyken geslachts, volgens de ware beginsels der zedeleere en openbaringe verklaert, en de tegenwerpingen ... voornamelyk die van den heere Bayle, ten volle wederlegt worden. Zynde een korte inhoudt van acht predikaetsiën, uitgesproken als lessen, ingestelt door ... Robert Boyle ...
Predicatien over verscheidene stoffen
Predicatien van Samuel Clarke ... alle te zamen, zo die bij zijn leeven, als die na zijnen dood zijn uitgekoomen
religion of nature delineated, the
third defence of Dr. Clarke's demonstration of the being and attributes of God. Being a vindication of the two former defences, in answer to a pamphlet, entitled, Dr. Clarke's notions of space examin'd, &c. By John Clarke, A
truth of the christian religion, The : in six books
veritate religionis christianae., De
works of Samuel Clarke, D. D. Late Rector of St James's Westminter., The