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Hassett, K.
Hassett, Kevin
Hassett, Kevin A.
Hassett, Kevin Alan
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American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research Affiliation (see also from)
Auerbach, A.J.
Auerbach, Alan J
Auerbach, Alan J.
Brill, Alexander M.
Bull, Nicholas
Clarke, Richard N.
Cohen, Darrel
Cummins, J.G.
Cummins, Jason
Cummins, Jason G.
Fallick, Bruce C
Fallick, Bruce C.
Glassman, James K.
Graduate School of Business Affiliation (see also from)
Hall, Alastair
Harris, Trevor
Harris, Trevor S.
Hassett, K.
Hassett, K.A.
Hassett, Kevin
Hassett, Kevin A
Hassett, Kevin A.
Hubbard, R Glenn
Hubbard, R. Glenn
Hubbard, R.G.
Ivanova, Zoya
Kennedy, Jim
Kevin A. Hassett, Aparna Mathur and Gilbert E. Metcalf
Mathur, Aparna
Metcalf, Gilbert E
Metcalf, Gilbert E.
National Bureau of Economic Research
Oliner, Stephen
Oliner, Stephen D
Oliner, Stephen D.
Slemrod, Joel
Sodersten, J.
Södersten, Jan
United States Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Affiliation (see also from)
University of Pennsylvania Affiliation (see also from)
2003 dividend tax cuts and the value of the firm: an event study, The
4% solution: unleashing the economic growth america needs, the
Accounting standards, information flow, and firm investment behavior
Are investment incentives blunted by changes in prices of capital goods?
Are U.S. investment and capital stocks at optimal levels?
Assessing the Economic Gains from Telecom Competition
Bubbleology : the new science of stock market winners and losers
Can irreversibility explain the slow diffusion of energy saving technologies?
Corporate savings and shareholder consumption
Distributional impacts in a comprehensive climate policy package
Dividend taxes and firm valuation: new evidence
Dow 36,000.
Dow Jones 36000 - warum die Aktien weiter steigen so profitieren Sie vom Börsen-Boom der nächsten Jahre
Energy conservation investment : Do consumers discount the future correctly?
Energy tax credits and residential conservation investment: Evidence from panel data
Fiscal Policy and Uncertainty.
Have Tax Reforms Affected Investment?
Household Energy Conservation Investment and the Uninformed Consumer Hypothesis
incidence of a U.S. carbon tax: a lifetime and regional analysis, The
Inflation and the user cost of capital : does inflation still matter?
Inflation, taxes, and the durability of capital
Instrument choice and tests for a unit root
International Accounting, Asymmetric Information, and Firm Investment
Investment and union certification
Investment behavior, observable expectations, and internal funds
Investment under alternative return assumptions Comparing random walks and mean reversion
Investment with Uncertain Tax Policy: Does Random Tax Policy Discourage Investment?
magic mountain, The : a guide to defining and using a budget surplus
Measuring the energy savings from home improvement investments : evidence from monthly billing data
Measuring the Energy Savings from Home Improvements Investments: Evidence from Monthly Billing Data
new measure of horizontal equity, A
On the marginal source of investment funds
Optimal long-run fiscal policy: Constraints, preferences and the resolution of uncertainty
Reassessing the social returns to equipment investment
Recent U.S. investment behavior and the tax reform act of 1986: A disaggregate view a rejoinder
Reconsideration of Investment Behavior Using Tax Reforms as Natural Experiments, A
Rethinking competitiveness
Ron Suskind's Confidence Men: A Review Essay
Tax policy and business fixed investment in the United States
Tax reforms and investment: A cross-country comparison
Taxation and corporate investment : the impact of the 1991 Swedish tax reform
Taxation and foreign direct investment in the United States : a reconsideration of the evidence
Transition costs of fundamental tax reform
Uncertainty and the design of long-run fiscal policy
Unionization and acquisitions
Who pays broad-based energy taxes? Computing lifetime and regional incidence
Why Fiscal Stimulus is Unlikely to Work*