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M'Kenzie, George
Mackenzeus, Georgius
Mackenzie, ..
Mackenzie (advocate)
Mackenzie, Georg
Mackenzie, George
Mackenzie, George ((lawyer))
Mackenzie, George (Sir)
Mackenzie, Georgius
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Boyle, Roger (1st Earl of Orrery, 1621-1679)
Childers, James Saxon (1899-1965)
Davies, Charles
Denton, Peter Harvey (1959-)
Halma, François (Utrecht)
Hickes, George (1642-1715)
Ingelo, Nathaniel (1621-1683)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Vickers, Brian (1937-)
Watson, James (16??-17??; imprimeur))
Defence of the antiquity of the royal line of scotland. with a true account when the scots were govern'd by kings in the isle of britain
Defensio antiquitatis regalis Scotorum prosapiae. -
humanæ ratiocinationis imbecillitate, ea unde proveniat, & illi quomodo possimus mederi, liber singularis, auctore Georgio Mackenzeo, a Valle-Rosarum, & apud Scotos causarum patrono.], [De
Idea eloquentiae forensis hodiernae : unà cum actione forensi ex unaquaque juris parte
idea of the modern eloquence of the bar. Together with a pleading out of every part of law., An
Jus regium, or, The just and solid foundations of monarchy in general and more especially of the monarchy of Scotland, maintain'd against Buchannan, Naphtali, Dolman, Milton, &c
Laws and customes of scotland, in matters criminal wherein is to be seen how the civil law, and the laws and customs of other nations do agree with, and supply ours
Lives and characters of most eminent writers of the Scots nation with an abstract and catalogue of their works, The ; Their various editions ; and The judgment of the Learn'd concerning Them. by George Mackenzie, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh. vol. I-[vol. III].
memoirs of the affairs of scotland from the restoration of charles ii
Memorial for His Highness the Prince of Orange ... -, A
Moral essay, preferring solitude to publick employment, and all it's appanages, such as fame, command, riches, pleasures, conversation &c
Moral gallantry a discourse, wherein the author endeavours to prove, that point of honour (abstracting from all other tyes) obliges men to be vertuous and that there is nothing so mean (or unworthy of a gentleman) as vice
Moral history of frugality with its opposite vices, covetousness, niggardliness, and prodigality, luxury
moral paradox. -, A
Observations on the acts of Parliament, made by King James the First, King James the Second, King James the Third, King James the Fourth, King James the Fifth, Queen Mary, King James the Sixth, King Charles the First, King Charles the Second wherein 1. It is observ'd if they be in desuetude, abrogated, limited, or enlarged, 2. The decisions relating to these acts are mention'd, 3. Some new doubts not yet decided are hinted at, 4. Parallel citations from the civil, canon, feudal and municipal laws, and the laws of other nations are adduc'd for clearing these statutes
Observations upon the 18. act 23. Parl. K. James VI. against dispositions made in defraud of creditors, &c.
Observations upon the laws and customs of nations, as to precedency
Prefaces to four seventeenth-century romances
Public and private life in the seventeenth century : the Mackenzie-Evelyn debate
Publick employment and an active life
Ravillac redivivus
Religio stoici with a Friendly addresse to the phanaticks of all sects and sorts
Science of herauldry, treated as a part of the civil law, and law of nations wherein reasons are given for its principles, and etymologies for its harder terms
spirit of fanaticism, The : exemplify'd in the tryals of Mr. James Mitchel, a Presbyterian minister, who was hang'd at Edinburgh, for an attempt made upon the Archbishop of St. Andrews, and Major Thomas Weir, a gifted brother at the knack of extempore prayer, who was burnt between Edinburgh and Leith, April the 11th, 1670, for adultery, beastiality with a mare and a cow, and incest with his own sister, who was likewise hang'd the next day after him : to which is added, an account of the original of Presbytery in Scotland, and their behaviour towards the Episcopal clergy, wherein is demonstrated that rebellion has ever been the principal article of their faith
Terrors of the law, 1985:
That the lawful successor cannot be debarr'd from succeeding to the Crown
True and plain account of the discoveries made in scotland of the late conspiracies against his majesty and the government : extracted from the proofs lying in the records of his majesties privy council and the high justice court of the nation : together with an authentick extract of the criminal process and sentence against mr. robert baillie of jerviswood
Vindication of the government in scotland during the reign of king charles ii against mis-representations made in several scandalous pamphlets to which is added the method of proceeding against criminals, as also some of the phanatical covenants, as they were printed and published by themselves in that reign
works of that eminent and learned lawyer, Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, advocate to King Charles II and King James VII, with many learned treatises of his, never before printed ..., The