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Bernarr, A. B.
MacFadden, Bernard
Macfadden, Bernarr
Macfadden, Bernarr Adolphus
McFadden, Bernard
McFadden, Bernie A.
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Couto, Manuel de Sá
Hastings, Milo (1884-1957)
Janda Cidlinský, Bohumil (1831-1875)
Janda, Bohumil (1900-1982)
Malcolm, Marion ([from old catalog])
Marshall, Alexander
Pergl, Václav (1885-1954)
Physical Culture Publishing Co
Richardson, Mary
Williams, Carl Easton ([from old catalog])
after 40 - what?
Asthma and hay-fever
Be married and like it
Beauty and health (New York, N.Y. : 1903)
Bernarr Macfadden's handbook of health.
Bernarr Macfadden's latest detective magazine
Body love, 1989:
brain energy
Building of vital power; deep breathing and a complete system for strengthening the heart, lungs, stomach and all the great vital organs
Colds, coughs and catarrh
Constipation, its cause, effect and treatment
creative and sexual science
Diabetes; its cause, nature and treatment
digestive troubles
Dokonalá zdravověda pro praktický život : Macfaddenova encyklopedie tělesné kultury.
Eating for health and strength
encyclopedia of health and physical culture, The
Fasting for health; a complete guide on how, when and why to use the fasting cure
fasting, hydropathy, and exercise
foot troubles
Hair culture : rational methods for growing the hair and for developing its strength and beauty
headaches: how caused and how cured
health, beauty, and sexuality
Health--beauty--sexuality, from girlhood to womanhood; plain advice to girls that will be found invaluable as the grow from girlhood to womanhood;
Home health library; a presentation of modern methods of health-building
Home health manual
How can I get married? : a woman bares her soul ; vividly and dramatically she tells the story of her heart-stirring experience in her search for a husband
how to gain weight
how to raise a strong baby
How to raise the baby
how to reduce weight
Keeping fit
Lecture on diet for strength
Lidový slovník nejdůležitějších nemocí
macfadden prosecution- a curious story of wrong and oppression
macfadden's encyclopedia of physical culture
Macfadden's fasting, hydropathy and exercise; nature's wonderful remedies for the cure of all chronic and acute diseases.
Macfadden's new cookery book
Macfadden's new hair culture : rational, natural methods for cultivating strength and luxuriance of the hair
Making old bodies young;
Man's sex life
Manhood and marriage
Männlichkeit und Ehe
marriage: a lifelong honeymoon
Mary and Bob's true story book.
McFadden's system of physical training.
milagre do leite como usar cientificamente em casa a dieta de leite, O
miracle of milk; how to use the milk diet scientifically at home, The
miracle of milk, The : amazing new facts about milk and how to use the milk diet scientifically at home
Mister America, c2009:
More power to your nerves
Muscle builder.
Muscular power and beauty; containing detailed instructions for the development of the external muscular system to its utmost degree of perfection
Olympian system. [from old catalog]
Olympian system of physical and mental development, The
perfect beauty, a
Physical culture cook book
Physical culture for babies
Posílení slabých nervů : zjednodušením životosprávy a praktickými pokyny americké metody Physical culture
power and beauty of super womanhood how they are lost and how they may be regained and developed to the highest degree of attainable perfection, The
Practical birth control and sex predetermination
predetermine your baby's sex
Preparing for motherhood; a guide for the care and training of the expectant mother
Preparing for motherhood : a guide for the expectant mother to her care and training
Rheumatism, its cause, nature and treatment
Silný zrak : Jak možno slabé oči sesíliti a bez brejlí se obejíti : Návod ke cvičení očí za účelem sesílení zraku
Skin troubles; their causes, nature, and treatment
strength from eating
Strengthening the eyes : a new course in scientific eye training in 28 lessons
Strengthening the eyes; a system of scientific eye training
Strengthening the spine
strenuous lover, A : a romance of a natural love's vast power
Svrchovaná životní síla
talks to a young man about sex
Tooth troubles; Their prevention, cause and cure
trainer's anatomy, The ; a manual of the body and its functions for use by physical directors and students
Tuberculosis : its cause, nature and treatment
vaccination superstition
Vigor físico-saúde
virile powers of superb manhood; how developed, how lost: how regained, The
Vitality supreme
walking cure, pep and power from walking--how to cure disease from walking, The
Weiblichkeit und Ehe
Woman's physical development
Woman's sex life
Womanhood and marriage