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Benjamin (Bishop of Bangor)
Hoadley, Benjamin
Hoadly, Benjamin
Hoadly, Benjamin (Bp. of Winchester)
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Author of the Enquiry, the (see also from)
Church of England Diocese of Salisbury Bishop (1723-1734 : Hoadly) (see also from)
Drieberge, Joannes (1686-1746)
Knapton, James
Knapton, James (Londen)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Roberts, James (Londen)
Schagen, Marten (Amsterdam)
Scheurleer, Hendrik ('s-Gravenhage)
Tirion, Isaak (Amsterdam)
Uytwerf, Hermannus (Amsterdam)
Wit, Kornelis de (Amsterdam)
Aanmerkingen over de verdraagzaamheid
account of the state of the Roman Catholick religion. Dutch
account of the state of the Roman-Catholick religion throughout the world., An
answer to the representation...concerning several dangerous positions...contain'd in the Bishop of Bangor's preservative and sermon, An
Bishop Hoadly's refutation of Bishop Sherlock's arguments ...
brief aangaande de verdraagzaamheit
brief defense of episcopal ordination
censor or, Observations on the prospect of a peace, and the conduct of our treaties abroad, occasioned by the last craftsman, relating to the succession of Don Carlos, to the Dukedom of Tuscany, &c. By the author of the Enquiry, The
defence of the enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of Great-Britain, &c. Occasioned by the paper published in the Country-Journal or Craftsman on Saturday; Jan. 4, 1728-9. By the author of the Enquiry., A
defence of the reasonableness of conformity, a
enquiry into the reasons of the conduct. Dutch
enquiry into the reasons of the conduct. French
enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of Great Britain, with relation to the present state of affairs in Europe. Published (here) for the information of the inhabitants of New-England., An
Epistle dedicatory to Pope Clement XI.
Epitre dedicatoire du Chevalier Richard Steele au Pape Clement XI. Contenant l'etat de la religion dans la Grande Bretagne; & autres particularitez importantes, par rapport à la conjoncture presente. Traduite de l'Anglois par Mr. A. Boyer.
establish'd Church of England vindicated from the imputation of schism, The : in a serious address to all the members of her communion : in which is shewn from the constant doctrines and principles which the church has always taught, that the nonjurors separation is really schismatical.
godsdienst vry van heerschappye, naar het regt der volkeren
Klaar berigt van de Natuur en het Oogmerk van des Heeren Avondmaal ... : benevens eenige formulieren van gebeden, waar agter gevoegt zyn twee predikatien over 't gezag der overheden, en de regten der onderdanen
large answer to Dr. F. Atterbury's Charge of Rebellion
letter from the Lord Bishop of Winchester ... 1757., A
letter from the Lord Bishop of Winchester to Clement Chevallier, Esq., A : occasioned by Fournier's new attack, since the legal condemnation of his note over the bishop's name for 8,800 l. with an account of that gentleman's conduct in favour of the said Fournier : to which is added an appendix, shewing the several steps of Fournier's behaviour, from the day of his appeal to the bishop : and the several variations of his story about the said note, in the order of time in which they happened.
Maatregels en palen van het gezag der hooge overheden, en de regten en privilegien der onderdanen, aangetoont in twee predikatien, de eerste over Romynen 13 vs. 1 ... de tweede ... uyt Handel. 22 vs. 25
maetregels en palen van gehoorzaemheit en onderwerping aen de hooge machten en overheden, overwogen in eene predicatie over Romeinen XIII: I. voor den Lord Mayor, aldermans en burgers van London gedaen, den 29 septemb. 1705 door Benjamin Hoadley, ..., De
measures of submission to the civil magistrate consider'd. In a defense of the doctrine deliver'd in a sermon preach'd before the Rt., The
measures of submission to the civil magistrate consider's in a defense of the doctrine, The
nature of Kingdom, or Church, of Christ, 1981:, The
nature of the kingdom, or church, of Christ, The : a sermon preach'd before the king ... with a letter to the bishop of Bangor, occasion'd by his lordship's sermon
natuur van het koninkryk of de kerke van Kristus
Onderzoek der redenen op welke het gedrag van Groot-Britanjen is gegrond.
Onderzoek der redenen op welke het gedrag van Groot-Britanjen is gegrondt.
original and institution of civil government, discuss'd ... To which is added, A large answer to Dr. F. Atterbury's Charge of Rebellion ..., The
Persuasive to lay-conformity
plain account of the nature and end of the sacrament of the Lord's-Supper, A : in which all the texts in the New Testament, relating to it, are produced and explained: and the whole doctrine about it, drawn from them alone : to which are added, forms of prayer.
present delusion of many Protestants consider'd, The : in a sermon preach'd in the Parish-Church of St. Peter's Poor, in Broadstreet, November 5, 1715
preservative against the principles and practices of the nonjurors both in church and state, or, An appeal to the consciences and common sense of the Christian laity, A
Raisons pour ne pas recevoir le pretendant, et pour ne pas rétablir la ligne papiste.
reasonableness of conformity to the Church of England, represented to the dissenting ministers
reasonableness of constant communion with the Church of England Represented to the dissenters. By B.A.A.M., The
Reasons against receiving the pretends. French.
Recherche des motifs sur lesquels est fondée la conduite de la Grande-Bretagne.
repeal of the corporation and test acts, the
reply to the introduction to the second part of Mr. Calamy's Defense of moderate nonconformity
serious admonition to Mr. Calamy occasion'd by the first part of his defence of moderate nonconfority, A
sermon preach'd before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, at the Collegiate Church of St. Peter's Westminster, on Monday January 30, 1720-21. Being the anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles the First. By Benjamin, lord bishop of Bangor., A
Sermons on the following subjects, viz. : Of faith in God. Of the Unity of God ...
Several discourses concerning the terms of acceptance with God In which I. The terms themselves are distinctly laid down; as they are proposed to Christians in the New Testament. And II. Several false notions of the conditions of salvation are considered. Particularly of being saved by faith. Of trusting to external performances. Of the power of charity to cover sins. Of relying upon the merits of Christ. Of man's weakness, and god's grace. Of repentance. Of the example of the thief on the cross. Of trusting to a death-bed sorrow. Of the parable of the labourers in the vineyard. Of depending upon amendment in time to come. By Benjamin Hoadly, M.A. rector of St. Peter's Poor (now Lord Bishop of Salisbury.).
Several tracts formerly published : now collected into one volume ... : To which are added, six sermons, never before publish'd ...
Thecommon right of subjects, defended : and, the nature of the sacramental test, considered. In answer to the dean of Chichester's vindication of the Corporation and Test Acts
thoughts of an honest Tory, upon the present proceedings of that party., The : In a letter to a friend in town.
Traité sur la nature, le but et les effets du sacrement de la Sainte Cène, dans lequel on allegue & on explique tous les passages du Nouveau Testament qui ont du rapport à cette matière ...
Verzameling van eenige verhandelingen over de verdraagzaamheid en vryheid van godsdienst
ware weg ten eewigen leven, volgens het evangeli van Jezus Christus verklaert; met ene wederlegging van verscheide schadelyke misverstanden, vervat in agtien predikaetsien, beneffens twee predikaetsien over de verdeeldheden der kristenen, en vier over een onzydig onderzoek van den godsdienst, De
works of Benjamin Hoadley ..., The