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Author of Ella Clinton and Aunt Ruth
Author of Marion Harvey
Author of Try
Cousin Martha
Ella Clinton and Aunt Ruth, Author of
Farquharson, Martha
Finley, Martha
Marion Harvey, Author of
Martha (Cousin)
Try, Author of
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Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Dodd, Moses Woodruff (1813-1899)
Fay & Cox
Finley, Martha (1828-1909)
Hamilton, K. R.
Hamilton, Kersten R.
Martha (Cousin; 1828-1909; see also from)
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Old School). Board of Publication
Annandale, c1858:
Book eight of the A life of faith
By their fruits ye shall know them
Casella; or, The children of the valleys.
christmas with grandma elsie
Ella Clinton, or, By their fruits ye shall know them, c1856:
Elsie and her loved ones
Elsie and her namesakes
Elsie and the Raymonds
Elsie at home
Elsie at Nantucket
elsie at the world's fair
elsie at viamede
Elsie Dinsmore
Elsie in the South
Elsie on the Hudson and elsewhere
Elsie's Christmas party : how to plan, prepare and host an old-fashioned Christmas party.
Elsie's endless wait.
Elsie's friends at Woodburn
Elsie's girlhood
Elsie's great hope
Elsie's holidays at Roselands
Elsie's impossible choice
Elsie's journey on inland waters
elsie's kith and kin
Elsie's motherhood, a sequel to "Elsie's womanhood,"
Elsie's new life
Elsie's new relations: what they did and how they fared at Ion. A sequel to Grandmother Elsie.
Elsie's stolen heart
Elsie's tender mercies
Elsie's troubled times
Elsie's true love
elsie's vacation
Elsie's widowhood; a sequel to "Elsie's children."
Elsie's winter trip
Elsie's womanhood, 1901:
Elsie's young folks
Elsie yachting with the Raymonds.
Grandmother Elsie
Little Dick positive
Marion Harvie, 1857:
mildred at home: with something about her relatives and friends
mildred at roselands
Mildred Keith, c1878:
Mildred's boys and girls, c1886:
Mildred's married life, and a winter with Elsie Dinsmore. A sequel to Mildred and Elsie.
mildred's new daughter
Millie's courageous days : based on the beloved books
Millie's faithful heart : book four of the A life of faith: Millie Keith series, based on the beloved books
Millie's fiery trial : book eight of the A life of faith : Millie Keith series
Millie's grand adventure : book six of the A life of faith: Millie Keith series
Millie's reluctant sacrifice
Millie's remarkable journey : book three of the A life of faith: Millie Keith series, based on the beloved books
Millie's steadfast love : book five of the A life of faith: Millie Keith series, based on the beloved books
Millie's unsettled season
Mysie's work and how she did it, 1864:
old-fashioned boy, c1871:, An
Signing the contract, and what it cost.
tragedy of Wild River Valley, The
two elsie's, the
two Elsies, The
Violet's amazing summer, book two of the a life of faith: violet travilla series
Violet's bold mission
Violet's bumpy ride
Violet's defiant daughter
Violet's foreign intrigue
Violet's hidden doubts
Violet's perplexing puzzles
Violet's turning point