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Ǧamīla, Maryam
Jameela, Mary
Jameela, Maryam
Jameelah, Maryam
Jameelah, Maryum
Jameelh, Maryam
Jamīla, Maryam
Jamīlah, Maryam
Marcus, Margaret
Marcus, Margaret (Frueherer Name)
Marcus, Margret
Mārkūs, Mārgirit
Mārkūs, Mārġrīt
Maryam Jameela
Maryam Jameelah
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Abdurrahman, Alwiyah
Asʿad, Muḥammad al-
Bagir, Haidar (1957-)
Budiman, Achmad Nashir
Garnadi, Agah D.
Luthfi, Hamid
Maudoodi, Syed Abul `Ala (1903-1979))
Mawdūdī, Abū al-Aʿlā al- (1903-1979)
Nadwī, Abū al-Ḥasan ʿAlī (1914-1999)
Nadwī, al-Ḥasan ʿAlī al- (1914-1999)
Umam, Fathul
Ahmad Khalil; the biography of a Palestinian Arab refugee
at home in pakistan (1962-1989) : the tale of an american expatriate in her adopted country
Benturan barat-Islam
convert: a tale of exile and extremism, the
Correspondence between Maulana Maudoodi and Maryam Jameela.
Di tepian jalur Gaza
generation gap - its causes and consequences, the
great Islamic movement in Turkey, A : Badee-u-Zaman Said Nursi
holy prophet and his impact on my life, the
Islam and modern man : the prospects for an Islamic renaissance, the call of Islam to modern man
Islam and orientalism
Islam and our social habits : Islamic manners versus Western etiquette ...
islam and the muslim woman today
Islam face to face with the current crisis
Islam in theory and practice
Islam versus the West
Islam & western society : a refutation of the modern way of life
Kebudayaan Barat dan kesejahteraan umat manusia
Memoirs of childhood and youth in America (1945-1962) : the story of one Western convert's quest for truth
Menjemput Islam : kenangan masa kecil dan masa remaja di Amerika
Modern technology and the dehumanization of man
Para mujahid agung : Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab (Saudi Arabia), Sayyid Ahmad Syahid (India), Sanusi (Lyibia), Imam Syamil (Rusia), Mahdi (Sudan), Badi-U Zaman Said Nursi (Turki), Hasan al-Banna (Mesir)
resurgence of Islam and our liberation from the colonial yoke, The
select bibliography of islamic books in english, a
shaikh hassan albanna & al ikhwan al-muslimun
shaikh izz-ud-din al-qassam shaheed : a great palestinian mujahid, (1882-1935) : his life and work
Shehu Uthman dan Fodio, a great mujaddid of West Africa
Surat-menyurat Maryam Jamilah Maududi
Three great Islamic movements in the Arab world of the recent past : the movement of Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab, the Sanussi movement, the Mahdi of the Sudan
Two great mujahidin of the recent past and their struggle for freedom against foreign rule : Sayyid Ahmad Shahid, Imam Shamil, a great mujahid, of Russia
Western civilization condemned by itself : a comprehensive study of moral retrogression and its consequences
Western imperialism menaces Muslims
Westernization and human welfare
Westernization versus Muslims
Who is Maudoodi ?
why i embraced islam