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Farquhar, Francis
Farquhar, Francis P.
Farquhar, Francis Peloubet
Peloubet Farquhar, Francis
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Brewer, William H. (1828-1910)
Brewer, William Henry (1828-1910)
Grabhorn Press
King, Clarence (1842-1901)
Merner, Garfield
Phoutrides, Aristides Evangeius (1887-1923)
Press Collection (Library of Congress)
Taylor, Edward DeWitt
Tieser, Ruth
Vischer, Hubert (1854-)
books of the Colorado river & the Grand canyon, The : a selective bibliography
brief chronology of discovery in the Pacific ocean from Balboa to Capt. Cook's first voyage, 1513 to 1770, A
Edward DeWitt Taylor, San Francisco printer an interview
Edward Vischer & his "Pictorial of California" : [a biographical sketch as told by Hubert Vischer to Francis P. Farquhar in November 1930 & January 1931].
Edwin Grabhorn, recollections of the Grabhorn Press ; Francis P. Farquhar, comments on some Bay area fine printers interviews
exploration of the sierra nevada
first ascents throughout the world, 1901-1950
Flight to the North Pole, 24 August, 1949
Francis P. Farquhar on accountancy, mountaineering, and the national parks
grizzly bear hunter of California, The : a bibliographical essay
helmet of mambrino, the
History of the Sierra Nevada
interview with Edward DeWitt Taylor, San Francisco printer, by Francis P. Farquhar, March 5, 1958, at Mr. Taylor's home., An
joaquin murieta, the brigand chief of california
Mount Olympus
Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada
naming alaska's mountains: with some accounts of their first ascents
Place names for Bohemians : Clubhouse to Grove
Place names of the high Sierra ... 1926.
Ralston-Fry wedding and the wedding journey to Yosemite, May 20, 1958, The : from the diary of Miss Sarah Haight (Mrs. Edward Tompkins)
topographical reports of lieutenant george h. derby, the
Up and down California in 1860-1864 : the journal of William H. Brewer, professor of agriculture in the Sheffield Scientific School from 1864 to 1903
Yosemite, the Big Trees and the High Sierra : a selective bibliography