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Coriat, Thomas
Coriate, Thomas
Coryat, Thomas
Coryate, Thomas
Coryate, Thomas (English writer and traveler, born 1577-1579, died 1617)
Thomas Coryate
Thomas (the Coriat)
approximately 1577-1617
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Cartographic material
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Aa, Pieter van der (I, Leiden)
Adler, Hans E.
Adler, Hans Eduard
Coryate, George -1607. [from old catalog]
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Kirchner, Hermann (1562-1620)
Marenco, Franco
Peyton, Walter
Schutte, William M.
Whittaker, Bookseller
Whittaker, David
Beschreibung von Venedig - 1608
Coryat's crudities hastily gobled up in five moneths travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia commonly called the Grisons country, Helvetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high Germany and the Netherlands; newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the county of Somerset, and now dispersed to the nourishment of the travelling members of this kingdome
Coryat's erudities; reprinted from the edition of 1611. To which are now added, his letters from India, &c. and extracts relating to him, from various authors: being a more particular account of his travels (mostly on foot) in different parts of globe, than any hitherto published. Together with his orations, character, death, &c. With copper-plates ...
Coryats crambe, or his colwort twise sodden, .... -
Coryats crudities 1611
Crudezze : viaggio in Francia e in Italia, 1608
Crudities. Selections
Engländer in Heidelberg - 1608 Thomas Coryats Betrachtungen, Ein
Greeting from the Court of the Great Mogul.
Most glorious and peerless Venice
Mr. T. Coriat to his friends in England sendeth greeting. -
Odcombian banquet. - s.a., The
petition made to the prince shortly after the death of the last Archbishop of Canterburie, concerning the printing of the booke of my trauels, A ; [Certaine orations pronounced by the author of the Crudities to the king, queene, prince, Lady Elizabeth and the Duke of Yorke at the deliuerie of his booke to each of them].
Thomas Coriate traueller for the English vvitts, 1616, i.e. between 1730 and 1808?
Three crude veines are presented in this booke following (besides the foresaid Crudities) : no less flowing in the body of the booke, then the Crudities themselues, two of rhetoricke and one of poesie ...
To all his inferior countreymen, greeting. -
Tweede reys van Kapiteyn Walter Peyton, na Oost-Indien, met het schip de Expeditie, uytgerust van de Engelse Oost-Indise Maatschappy, neffens de Draak, de Leeuw en de Peper-corn. in het jaar 1615. en vervolgens : als mede de reys van Thomas Coryat, na Asmere, zijnde de hof-stad van den Grooten Mogol : van Jerusalem, na derwaards door hem met een Caravaan ondernoomen. in het jaar 1615 : briefs-wijse opgesteld, en aan sijnen vriend Mr. L. Whitaker gesonden : beneffens nog eenige bysonderheeden, vervat in 3 brieven, door hem aan verscheyde persoonen geschreeven
Venedig- und Rheinfahrt AD 1608, Die
voyageur anglais à Lyon, Un