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Bilant, Wīlfrīd Iskāwun
Blant, Vilfrid Skouėn
Blunt, Alfrīd Skāwin
Blunt, Wilfred Scawen
Blunt, Wilfrid
Blunt, Wilfrid S.
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen
Scawen Blunt, Wilfrid
بلنت، ألفريد سكاون،
بلنت، الفريد سكاون
بلنت، سكاون،
بلنت، و. س.،
بلنت، ولفرد اسكاون،
بلنت، ولفريد سكاون،
بلنت، ويلفريد سكاون،
ولفريد سكاون بلنت،
ブラント, W. S
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Language material
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Blunt, Anna
Blunt, Anne Lady, 1837-1917
Proteus (1840-1922; see also from)
Proteus (see also from)
Ritstein, Theodore
Urābī, Ahmad (1840 or 1841-1911)
Wyndham, George (1863-1913)
العبادي، عبد الحميد
بدران، محمد
حسن، صبري محمد
حمزة، عبد القادر، (1879 أو 1890-1941)
رتشتين، تيودور، (1871-1953)
س, د
شلش، على، ١٩٣٥-١٩٩٣
栗田, 禎子 (1960-)
Atrocities of justice under British rule in Egypt
atrocities of justice under the english rule in egypt
Atrocities of justice unter British rule in Egypt
Bedouin tribes of the Euphrates
celebrated romance ... 1892., The
celebrated romance of the stealing of the mare, The
[[charles george gordon|gordon]] at khartoum
Desert heritage : an artist's collection of Blunt's original Arab horses
Egypt's ruin. -
future of Islam, 2001:, The
Gordon at Khartoum. : Being a personal narrative of events in continuation of "a secret history of the Englisch occupation of Egypt". [Portr.].
Gordon at Khartoum : being a personal narrative of events in continuation of "A secret history of the English occupation of Egypt"
Harutsumu no godon.
history of the Evelyn family, with a special memoir of William John Evelyn, The
Ideas about India.
In vinculis
India under Ripon, a private diary continued from his "Secret history of the English occupation of Egypt.".
Jane Morris to Wilfrid Scawen Blunt : the letters of Jane Morris to Wilfred Scawen Blunt together with extracts from Blunt's diaries
land war in Ireland: being a personal narrative of events, in continuation of "A secret history of the English occupation of Egypt,", The
Love-lyrics and songs of Proteus
Love poems of W. S. Blunt.
love sonnets of Proteus with frontispiece by the author., The
My diaries; being a personal narratice of events, 1888-1914. With a foreword by Lady Gregory.
My diaries, being a personal narrative of events, 1888-1914
new pilgrimage, and other poems, A
pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab race. A visit to the court of the Arab emir, and "our Persian campaign"., A
poetical works of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, The : A complete edition
poetry of Wilfrid Blunt, The
proteus and amadeus: a correspondence
quatrains of youth, the
satan absolved: a victorian mystery
Secret history of the English occupation of Egypt. : Being a personal narrative of events.
seven golden odes of pagan Arabia, The : known also as the Moallakat
sonnets and songs. by proteus
Tārīk al-masʾala al-Miṣriyya, 1875-1910 : Egypt's ruin
Tārīḵ Miṣr qabl al-iḥtilāl al-Barītānī wa-baʿdahu
Tārīḵ Miṣr qabl al-iḥtilāl al-Brītānī wa-baʿdahu
Tārīkh al-sirrī li-iḥtilāl Injiltarā Miṣr.
Thoroughbred racing stock and its ancestors; the authentic origin of pure blood; many voices concerning the horses of the world with additional chapters from the notes of the late Lady Anne Blunt (15th baroness Wentworth) and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, on the Arbaian breed
visit to jebel Shammar (Nejd), A : new routes through northern and central Arabia
W.S. & A. Blunt's Reisen in Nord-Arabien : mit Benutzung der Forschungen von Saïd Pascha, Burton, Doughty u. A.
wind and the whirlwind, The
الافغانى و محمد عبده
الافغانى ومحمد عبده
التاريخ السرى لاحتلال انجلترا مصر
التاريخ السرى للاحتلال الانجليزى لمصر : (رواية شخصية للاحداث)
الثورة العرابية: مقدماتها و نتائجها
تاريخ المسالة المصرية 1875-1910
مستقبل الاسلام
ハルツームのゴードン : 同時代人の証言