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Bull, G.
Bull, George
Bull, George (bp. of St. David's)
Bull, George (Dr)
Bull, Georges
Bull, Georges (compositeur)
Bullius, Georgius
Bullus, Georgius
Bullus, Giorgius
Bultus, Georgius
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Audran, Edmond
Burton, Edward (1794-1836)
Church of England Diocese of Saint David's Bishop (1705-1710 : Bull) (see also from)
Gallet, George (Amsterdam)
Gallet, Georges (imprimeur/libraire)
Grabe, Joannes Ernestus (1666-1711)
Grabe, John Ernest (1666-1711)
Nelson, Robert (1656-1715)
Smith, Richard (Londen)
University Press (Oxford)
Wells, George (16..-16..; imprimeur-libraire))
Zeibich, Christoph Heinrich (1677-1748)
Ad audiendam orationem de solifidianismo a Georgio Bullo inique nobis obiecto ... invitat insimulque quae sibi nuper a doctore theologo celeberrimo in capite de illuminatione impiorum fuere obiecta modeste diluit Christophorus Henricus Zeibich...
æterna divinitate filii dei, De
Apologia pro harmonia, ... contra Declamationem Thomae Tullii, S.T.P. in libro nuper typis evulgato, quem Justificatio Paulina inscripsit
Companion for candidates of holy orders
corruptions of the church of rome
Defensio fidei Nicaenae. -
discourse concerning the spirit of God in the faithful, 1740:, A
divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, proved to be the primitive and apostolick doctrine of the catholick church: with a curious remark on the validity of the Sibylline oracles. By the Rt. Rev. Dr. George Bull, The
Examen censurae : or, An answer to certain strictures before unpublished, on a book entitled Harmonia apostolica, &c
Examen censurae: sive Responsio ad quasdam animadversiones, antehac ineditas, in librum cui titulus Harmonia Apostolica, &c
Georgii Bulli, nuper Episcopi Menevensis, opera omnia latine conscripta: quibus duo præcipui catholicæ fidei articuli, de S. Trinitate & justificatione, ... explicantur, ... In unum volumen collegit, ac ... edidit; ... Joannes Ernestus Grabe;
Harmonia apostolica : or, Two dissertations : in the former of which the doctrine of St. James on justification by works is explained and defended : in the latter, the agreement of St. Paul with St. James is clearly shown
Harmonia apostolica seu binae dissertationes, quarum in priore doctrina D. Jacobi de justificatione ex operibus explanatur ac defenditur, in posteriore consensus D. Pauli cum Jacobo liquidò demonstratur
Judicium ecclesiae Catholicae trium primorum seculorum de necessitate credendi quod Dominus noster Jesus Christus sit verus Deus, assertum contra M. Simonem Episcopium aliosque ...
library of anglo-catholic theology
Mascotte, opéra comique de Edmond Audran 2ème fantaisie-transcription pour piano, La
menevia sacra
Opera omnia
opinion of the catholic church
primitiva et apostolica traditio
Scènes et paysages No 3 le baptème des cloches, caprice, piano
Some important points of primitive Christianity maintained and defended in several sermons and other discourses: by George Bull, ... To which is prefixed, the history of his life, ... By Robert Nelson, Esq.
Two sermons concerning the state of the soul on it's immediate separation from the body Written by Bishop Bull. Together with some extracts relating to the same subject, taken from writers of distinguished note and character. With a preface. By Leonard Chappelow.
Works of george bull d.d., lord bishop of st. david's