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Eliot, Charles W.
Eliot, Charles William
Eliot, Charles William (Dr)
Eliot, Charlis William
Eliot, Chas. W.
Eliot, Dr
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Boutwell, Elizabeth Mrs. [from old catalog]
Economic Club of Boston
Harvard University Affiliation (see also from)
Houghton Mifflin Company
Infomotions, Inc
McCall, Samuel W. (1851-1923)
McCall, Samuel Walker (1851-1923)
McKeever, William Arch (1868- [from old catalog])
National civil service reform league. [from old catalog]
Nelson, Ern
Nichols, William Ripley (1847-1886, [from old catalog])
Shannon, Thomas Washington (1866- [from old catalog])
Spaller, Louise Francis Mrs. [from old catalog]
Spencer, Herbert (1820-1903)
Storer, Frank H. (1832-1914)
Storer, Frank Humphreys (1832-1914)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Academic freedom : an address
Address at the celebration of the two hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of Cambridge, Sanders theatre, Dec. 21, 1905;
Addresses at the inauguration of Charles William Eliot as president of Harvard college, Tuesday, October 19, 1869.
Addresses delivered at the dedication of the Agricultural high school at Petersham, Mass.
America's duty in relation to the European war;
America's view of Germany's case.
American contributions to civilization and other essays and addresses
American contributions to civilization, and others essays and addresses, by Charles William Eliot,...
appeal in behalf of the further endowment of the Divinity School of Harvard University, An
autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The
Benjamin Franklin, printer, 191-?:
Benjamin Franklin, printer : born Boston 1706, died Philadelphia 1790
Certain defects in American education and the remedies for them.
Changes needed in American secondary education, by Charles W. Eliot
chaos in Europe, The : a consideration of the political destruction that has taken place in Russia and elsewhere and of the international policies of America
Charles Eliot, landscape architect; a lover of nature and of his kind, who trained himself for a new profession, practised it happily and through it wrought much good.
Charles W. Eliot and popular education
Charles W. Eliot's talks to parents and young people
Charles W. Eliot, the man and his beliefs;
Charles William Eliot letter
Civil service reform and popular government:
College taxation; remarks of Charles W. Eliot
compendious manual of qualitative chemical analysis., A
compendious manual of qualitative chemical analysis of C. W. Eliot and F. H. Storer, The
conflict between individualism and collectivism in a democracy, The : three lectures
contemporary American Conception of equality among men as a social and political ideal, oration delivered by President Charles William Eliot,... June 2, 1909 before the Alpha of Missouri, The
contemporary American conception of equality among men as a social and political ideal, The : oration
cultivated man, The
durable satisfactions of life ... c1910., The
editor's introduction; reader's guide; index to the first lines of poems, songs & choruses, hymns and psalms; general index; chornological index, with a photogravure frontispiece., The
Education for efficiency, and the new definition of the cultivated man
Educational reform: essays and addresses.
Essays on education and kindred subjects, by Herbert Spencer. [Introduction by Charles W. Eliot.]
exemption from taxation, 1874:, The
exemption from taxation of church property, and the property of educational, literary and charitable institutions, The
Four American leaders
fruits of medical research with the aid of anaesthesia and asepticism, The
fundamental reform;, The
Future of trades-unionism and capitalism in a democracy, by Charles W. Eliot,..., The
Great riches
happy life;, The
Harvard classics. [from old catalog], The
Harvard memorias
Harvard Memories, by Charles W. Eliot...
Home counsel library; up-to-date and scientific;, The
Inscriptions over pavilion, Union Station, Washington, D.C.
international force must support an international tribunal, An
Is prohibition a mistake? Is prohibition non-enforcible? : replies by Dr. Charles W. Eliot president emeritus of Harvard University and the Citizens Committee of One Thousand, to the speech of Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University.
Japanese characteristics
John Gilley, Maine farmer and fisherman
John Gilley, one of the forgotten millions
late harvest, A : miscellaneous papers written between eighty and ninety
Latin and the A. B. degree, by Charles W. Eliot
Lawlessness; an address delivered before the Civic forum ... New York city, December 12, 1908
manual of inorganic chemistry, arranged to facilitate the experimental demonstration of the facts and principles of the science., A
Massachusetts, an old and prosperous democracy and a safe social order : an address
merit system and the new Democratic party;, The
Modern English drama : Dryden, Sheridan, Goldsmith, Shelley, Browning, Byron, with introductions and illustrations
More money for the public schools
national university., A
Needed changes in secondary education : two papers presented at the Pan American Scientific Congress, Washington, D.C., December 27, 1915, to January 8, 1916
Needed changes in secondary education, two papers presented at the pan American scientific Congress, Washington... December 27, 1915, to January 8, 1916, by Charles William Eliot,... and Ernesto Nelson,...
On the chromate of chromium, and analogous chromates
Patriotism of the American Jew
Preliminary report on efficiency in the administration of justice
Present college questions; six papers read before the National educational association, at the sessions held in Boston, July 6 and 7, 1903
Public opinion and sex hygiene; an address delivered at the fourth International congress on school hygiene, at Buffalo, New York, August 27th, 1913
religion of the beautiful, The : a development of Dr. Eliot's "Religion of the future"
religion of the future, The
Remarks of the President Eliot of Harvard university before the Recess committee on taxation
remedy for industrial warfare, A
Report of a committee appointed by the Economic Club of Boston to consider questions relating to a new city charter for Boston
road to unity among the Christian churches, The
Road toward peace, a contribution to the study of the causes of the European war and of the means of the preventing war in the future, by Charles W. Eliot, The
road toward peace, The : a contribution to the study of the causes of the European war and of the means of preventing war in the future
Science of living; a series of heart to heart talks to married and marriageable men and women on subjects vital to health and happiness ..., The
Some rads towards peace
Some roads towards peace; a report of the trustees of the Endowment on observation made in China and Japan in 1912, ...
Some roads towards peace : a report to the trustees of the Endowment : on observations made in China and Japan in 1912
Sons of the Puritans; a group of brief biographies.
Speech of president Eliot for aid in the preservation of the Old South Meeting-House.
tendency to the concrete and practical in modern education, The
training for an effective life, The
turning point in higher education, A : the inaugural address of Charles William Eliot as President of Harvard College, October 19, 1869
University administration
Vers la paix future. Traduit par la princesse de Faucigny-Lucinge. Étude de l'état actuel des relations internationales et de leurs résultats, Dr Charles W. Eliot,... : jalousie nationale, concurrence d'armements, et la guerre mondiale actuelle. De l'avenir de la paix permanente et des moyens d'y parvenir
working of the American democracy. An address delivered before the fraternity [Phi]BK of Harvard University, June 28, 1888., The