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Langley, S.
Langley, S. P.
Langley, Samuel
Langley, Samuel Pierpont
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Abbot, C. G. (1872-1973)
Abbot, Charles Greeley (1872-1973)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Baxley, C. H.
Manly, Charles M.
Manly, Charles Matthews (1876-1927)
Parkinson, Russell J.
Very, Frank W. (1852-1927)
Very, Frank W. (1852-1927))
Very, Frank Washington (1852-1927)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Young, Charles A. (1834-1908))
1897 to 1903
1900 solar eclipse expedition of the Astrophysical observatory of the Smithsonian institution, The
Address of S.P. Langley, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, delivered at the Cleveland meeting, August, 1888.
aviation, the pioneer years
Biographical sketch of James Smithson
bolometer, The
[Collected papers, reprints, etc., on the solar spectrum]
description of the Manly engine, A
Doctor Langley's paradox: two letters suggesting the development of rockets
dream of wings: americans and the airplane, 1875-1905, a
Energy and vision
Experimental determination of wave-lengths in the invisible prismatic spectrum
Experiments in aerodynamics
external aspects of the sun:, The
fire walk ceremony in Tahiti, The
Good seeing ...
greatest flying creature. 1358, The
heritage of wings, an illustrated history of naval aviation, a
internal work of the wind., The
International exchange list of the Smithsonian Institution : corr. to Sept. 1903
Langley memoir on mechanical flight :
Measurement of the direct effect of sun-spots on terrestrial climates
Memoir of George Brown Goode, 1851-1896
memorial of George Brown Goode, together with a selection of his papers on museums and on the history of science in America., A
Method of avoiding personal equation in transit observations
mouvement, Le
New astronomy
Nouvelle méthode spectroscopique
Observations on invisible heat-spectra and the recognition of hitherto unmeasured wave-lengths made at the Allegheny Observatory
Observations on Mount Etna
On certain remarkable groups in the lower spectrum
On the cheapest form of light, ...
On the comparison of certain theories of solar structure with observation...
On the Janssen solar photograph and optical studies...
On the minute structure of the solar photosphere...
On the observation of sudden phenomena
On the possible variation of the solar radiation and its probable effect on terrestrial temperatures
Plates prepared between the years 1849 and 1859, to accompany a report on the forest trees of North America ; [advertisement S. P. Langley], 1891
Pritchard's wedge photometer
Removal of the remains of james smithson
Report of S. P. Langleÿ, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution for the year ending June 30, 1891
Researches on solar heat and its absorption by the earth's atmosphere. A report of the Mount Whitney expedition...
rivista storica
S. P. Langley papers
Samuel Pierpont Langley
Selective absorption of solar energy..., The
selling the true time: nineteenth-century timekeeping in america
Smithsonian Institution : Circular concerning the Nodgkim Fund Prizes
solar atmosphere; an introduction to an account of researches made at the Allegheny observatory., The
"solar constant" and related problems., The
Sur les derniers résultats obtenus dans l'étude de la partie infra-rouge du spectre solaire
taking flight: inventing the aerial age, from antiquity through the first world war
temperature of the moon from studies at the Allegheny Observatory, The
to conquer the air—the wright brothers and the great race for flight
total solar eclipse of July 29, 1878 observations at Pike's Peak, Colorado, The
wilbur and orville: a biography of the wright brothers
winged shield, winged sword: 1907-1950: a history of the united states air force