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Gotheyl, Ritshard
Gottheil, Richard
Gottheil, Richard J. H.
Gottheil, Richard James Horatio
גאטהיין, ריטשארד
גוטהייל, ריצ'רד ג'יימס הורצ'יו
גוטהיל, רצ'רד ג'ימס הורצ'יו
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Jastrow, Morris (1861-1921)
Kindī, Muḥammad ibn Yūsuf ibn Yaʿqūb al- (0897-0961)
New York public library
phil. Leipzig
Pratt, Ida A.
Pratt, Ida Augusta
Snouck Hurgronje, C. (1857-1936)
Snouck Hurgronje, Christiaan (1857-1936)
Weizmann, Chaim
Wilson, Epiphanius
Worrell, William H. (1879-1953)
Worrell, William Hoyt (1879-1953)
الكندي، محمد بن يوسف، ٨٩٧-٩٦١
انصاري, ابو زيد سعيد ابن اوس
Ah̲bār al-quḍat al-miṣrīyīn.
Apollonius of Tyana
Arabic version of the Reoclation of Erza" Extraits, An
archives juives de Florence, Les
Belmont-Belmonte family;., The
Bibliography of the works of Paul Anton de Lagarde
Brieven van Richard James Horatio Gottheil (1862-1936) aan Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936)
building inscription of King Nebuchadnezzar., A
christian Bahira legend, A
Collection of reprints.
Columbus in Jewish literature.
Contributions to Syriac Folk-Medicine
Contributions to the history of Geography.
decree in favour of the Karaites of Cairo dated 1024, A
distinguished family of Fatimide Cadis (al-Nuʻmān) in the tenth century, A
eleventh-century document concerning a Cairo synagogue, An
fetwa on the appointment of Dhimmis to office, A
Fragments from an Arabic common-place book ...
Fragments from the Cairo genizah in the Freer collection
Fray Joseph Diaz Pimienta, alias Abraham Diaz Pimienta and the Auto-de-Fé held at Seville, July 25, 1720
Genizah fragment of treatrise on the sciences in general, A
grande Oriente Lusitano Unido e o Ir. Dr. Fausto de Quadros sua victima -historia documentada de uma infamia fraternal por um grupo de maçons regulares e honrados amigos da verdade e da justiça, e egualmente perseguidos e suspensos de seus direitos maçonicos pela olygarchia, hoje dominante, no mesmo Grande Oriente, O
Hasan ibn Ibrāhīm ibn Zūlāk, Al-
history of the Egyptian Cadis ..., The
Israel among the nations : a review of M. Leroy-Beaulieu's new work.
Jewish Jerusalem
judaeo-aramean dialect of Salamās, The
Kitāb al-Maṭar
List of works in the New York public library relating to Persia
manuscript containing parts of the Targūm, A
Materials for Crusade and mission
Notice sur une mappemonde syrienne du XIIIe siècle
Oriental Christian polemics against Islam
Oriental literature
origin and history of the minaret, The
Palestinian charities Report presented to the seventh biennial meeting of the National Conference of Jewish Charities, June 10, 1912
Persian literature : comprising the Shah Nameh, the Rubaiyat, the Divan and the Gulistan monograph
Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society
Quḍāh alladhīn walū qaḍāʾ Miṣr
Quotations from the Diatessaron
responsum of Maimonides, A
revolt in Arabia. -, The
selection from the Syriac Julian romance;, A
Semitic literatures
Semitic study series
Shahnameh in Persian An illuminated and illustrated manuscript in the Spencer Collection, The
Some genizah gleanings
Some Hebrew manuscripts in Cairo
Syriac-Arabic glosses of Īshō ̕bar A̕lī, The
Syriac expression euangelion damepharreshe, The
treatise on Syriac grammar. -, A
Vos iz Tsienizm? : tsvey kapitlen fun "Tsienizm un di Idishe tsukunft"
What is Zionism? : two chapters from "Zionism and the Jewish future"
Who wanted war? -the origin of the war according to diplomatic documents
Zion : the capital of a Jewish nation
Zur Textkritik der Pešittã
וואס איז ציוניזם? : צוויי קאפיטלען פון ציוניזם און די אידישע צוקונפט
קובץ בקבלה.
كتاب القضاة الذين ولوا قضاء مصر
كتاب المطر
Diss. phil. Leipzig, 1886