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Sibbes, Evangelicall
Sibbes, Richard
Sibbs, Richard
Sibs, R.
Sibs, Richard
Sibs, Richard (Dr)
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Copinga, Obbo (1702-1776)
Diemerbroeck, Cornelius van (1602-1664)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Flesher, Miles -1664
Grindal, Johannes (1616?-1696)
Grosart, Alexander B. (1827-1899)
Grosart, Alexander Balloch (1827-1899)
Haar, J. van der (1917-2001)
Haar, Jan (1917-2001)
Miller, George -1646
Woerden, C.B. van
Woerden, Cornelis Bernardus
Beames of divine light, breaking forth from severall places of Holy Scripture as they were learnedly opened in XXI sermons : the III first being the fore-going sermons to that treatise called The bruised-reed, preached on the precedent words
book of hosea
Bowels opened, or, A discovery of the near and dear love, union and communion betwixt Christ and the church and consequently betwixt Him and every beleeving-soul, delivered in divers sermons on the fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters of the Canticles
breathing after God, Or, a christians desire of Gods presence. -, A
bruised reed, and smoking flax Some sermons from Matt. xii. 20. Contracted for the good of weaker Christians. By Richard Sibbes, D.D. master of Catherine-Hall, Cambridge; preacher of Gray's Inn, London; and author of the soul's conflict with itself., The
consolatory letter. - 1641[2], A
Divine meditations, and holy contemplations
Evangelicall sacrifices. In xix. sermons ... by... Rich. Sibbs ... The third tome, 1640:
Exposition of the third chapter of the epistle of st. paul to the philippians also two sermons of christian watchfulnesse, the first upon luke 12.37, the second upon revl. 16.15. ; an exposition of part of the second chapter of the epistle to the philipp., a sermon upon mal. 4. 2. 3
Expositions and treatises from portions of several of the Epistles of St. Paul
Geborgen in Ihm
gekrookte riet en de rokende vlaswiek, Het
hemelsch gesprek tusschen Christus en Maria, Een
komst van Christus, De
licht van den hemel; ontdeckende: de fonteyne geopent; de toe-juychinge der engelen; ..., Het : voor-gestelt in vier tractaten
Returning backslider, or, a commentarie upon the whole xiv chapter of the prophecy of the prophet hosea wherein is shewed the large extent of gods free mercy, even unto the most miserable forlorne and wretched sinners that may be, upon their humiliation and repentance : also the saints priviledge, &c
saints priviledge, 1641:, The
saints safetie in evill times, The : delivered at St. Maries in Cambridge the fift of November upon occasion of the Povvder-Plot : whereunto is annexed a passion-sermon preached at Mercers Chappel, London, upon Good-Friday : as also the happinesse of enjoying Christ laid open at the funerall of Mr. Sherland, late recorder of Northampton ...
Seelen Selbststreit und derselben Überwindung. -, Der
Soules conflict with it selfe, and victory over it self by faith a treatise of the inward disquietments of distressed spirits, with comfortable remedies to establish them
spirituall favorite at the throne of grace, The
spirituall mans aime. -, The
Spiritvall jubile, in two sermons
verzegelde fonteyn, vvaer in veel dingen
vytlegginge van de XII. articulen onses christelicken geloofs., Een
wonderbare ontfanckenisse, geboorte, en het leven Christi, sijn doodt ende verrijssenisse, De : alles begrepen in vier predicatien
Works of Richard Sibbes
zielen zelfstrydt en overwinninge over haerselven door het geloof, Der : waerin de innerlyke onrusten van benauwde geesten levendig worden ontledet, en daernevens troostelyke behulp-middelen tot oprechtinge ... worden aengewezen.
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