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Bastvvick, Johannes
Bastwick, Iohn
Bastwick, Johannes
Bastwick, John
Bastwicke, John (D.)
Bastwicke, John (Doctor)
Bastwickus, Johannes
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Boxe, Willem Christiaens van der
Burton, Henry (1578-1648)
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Jones, William (d. 1643)
Laud, William (1573-1645)
Prynne, William (1600-1669)
Sparke, Michael -1645
Vicars, John (1579 or 1580-1652)
answer of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the exceptions made against his Letany by a learned gentleman, which is annexed to the Letany itselfe, as articles superadditionall against the prelats, The : in the which there is a full demonstration and proof of the reall absence of Christ in the sacrament of the Lords Supper with the vanity and impiety of the consecration of temples, churches, and chapples, also the necessity of the perpetuall motion and circulation of worship if men be bound to bow the knees at the name of Jesus : this is to follow the Letany as a second part thereof.
Answer of John Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the exceptions made against his Letany by a learned gentleman
Answer of John Bastwick, doctor of physicke to the information of Sir John Bancks, 1637.
declaration demonstrating and infallibly proving that all malignants whether they be prelates, popish-cavaleers, with all other ill-affected persons, are enemies to God and the King, A : who desire the suppression of the Gospel the advancement of superstition, the diminution of the Kings prerogative and authority with the oppression of the subject : all which is ivinced by strong proofes and sufficient reasons
Elenchus religionis papisticae, in quo probatur neque apostolicam, neq. catholicam, imo neq. romanam esse.
Elenchus religionis papisticae : in quo probatur, neque apostolicam, neque Catholicam, imo neque Romanam esse
Flagellum pontificis et episcoporum Latialium : auctum et multis argumentis locupletatum
humble petitions of Mr. Burton & Dr. Bastwicke, The
Independency not Gods ordinance.
Iust defence of John Bastwick, doctor in phisick
just defence of John Bastwick, doctor in phisick, A : against the calumnies of John Lilburne, leiutenant [sic] colonell and his false accusations : vvritten in way of reply to a letter of Master Vicars, in which he desires to be satisfied concerning that reproch : in which reply, there is not onely the vindication of the honour of the Parliament, but also that which is of publike concernment and behooves all well affected subjects to looke into.
letany, The ; The answer to the exceptions made against his letany ; The vanity of the old letany ; A more full answer
new discovery of the prelates tyranny, in their late prosecutions of Mr. William Pryn, an eminent lawyer, Dr. Iohn 'Bastwick, a learned physitian, and Mr. Henry Burton, a reverent divine, A : wherein the separate, and joynt proceedings against them in the High-commission and Star-Chamber ... their removes to, and close imprisonments in the castles of Lanceston, Lancaster, Carnavan, and isles of Sylly, Garnsey and Jersy : the proceeddings against the Chestermen, and others before the lords, and high commissioners at Yorke, for visiting Mr. Prynne : the Bishop of Chesters order, for ministers to preach against M. Prynne, and the Yorke commissioners decree to deface, and burne his pictures at Chester High-Crosse : the House of Commons order for, and manner of their returnes from exile ... with M. Prynnes argument, proving all the parts of his censures, with the proceedings against him, and his Chester friends at York, to be against law, are truly related ...
Second part of the Lateny of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisick
Second part of the Letany of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisick
severall humble petitions of D. Bastwicke, M. Burton, M. Prynne, and of Nath. VVickins, servant to the said Mr. Prynne, to the honourable house of Parliament, The : whereunto is added the humble petitions of severall friends of the said Mr. Prynne, and the acknowledgement prescrib'd to be made by Calvin Bruen, and the rest, in the cathedrall church of Chester, and town hall thereof, for visiting the said Mr. Prynne.
speech concerning innovations in the church. London, 1637., A
speech delivered in the Starr-chamber, on Wednesday, the XIVth of Iune, MDCXXXVII, 1730:, A
speech delivered in the Starr-chamber, on Wednesday, the XIVth of Iune, MDCXXXVII, A : at the censure, of Iohn Bastwick, Henry Burton, & William Prinn, concerning pretended innovations in the church