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Heras, Enric
Heras, Enrique
Heras, H.
Heras, Henrique
Heras, Henry
Heras, Henry (S.I.)
Sicars, Enrique Heras
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Anderson, Bernard
Correia-Afonso, John (1924-..)
Heras institute of Indian history and culture Bombay, Inde
Jamuna Dass Akhtar
Shah, Chimanlal J.
Advaita doctrine in Alberuni ..., The
aravida dynasty of [[vijayanagara]], the
Aravidu dynasty of Vijayanagara, The
beginning of vijayanagara history
Chanhu Daro and its inscriptions. Another site of the Indus Valley culture...
conversion policy of the Jesuits in India, 1933., The
devil in Indian scriptures ..., The
dinastía Manchú en China; historia de la última dinastía imperial y en particular de sus relaciones con el cristianismo y la civilización europea, La
Easter island and the script of Mohenjo-Daro., The
Fort William-India House correspondence and other contemporary papers relating thereto
Further excavations at Mohenjo Daro.
H. Heras, indological studies
Henry Heras correspondence
henry heras, the scholar and his work
hypocritcal cat ..., The
India, the empire of the Svastika.
Indological studies
inscriptions on the early cast and struck copper coins of Ceylon., The
Jainism in North India 800 B.C.-A.D. 526
jesuits in india: in historical perspective
Karnataka and Mohenjo-Daro.
"Kolikon" in Mohenjo-Daro., The
La duracion del presente en la filosofia de la India ..., ...
Light on the Mohenjo-Daro riddle.
longest Mohenjo Daro epigraph., The
Mīn kaṇ, the mystical meaning of possessing 'fish-eyes'.
"Minavan" in Mohenjo Daro., The
Mohenjo-Daro; the most important archeological site in India.
Mohenjo-Daro; the people and the land.
More about Mohenjo Daro.
origin of the round proto-Indian seals discovered in Sumer., The
origin of the Sumerian writing., The
origins of the Mohenjo Darians., The
plastic representation of God amongst the proto Indians., The
Pre-Portuguese remains in Portuguese India
primer zodiaco descubierto en el norte de la India ..., El
primera alusion a las gentes del valle del Indo., La
problem of Ganapati, The
proto-indian icon., A
proto-Indian sign from Vala., A
religion of the Mohenjo-Daro people according to the inscriptions., The
scrittura di Mohenjo Daro., La
South India under the Vijayanagara Empire : the Aravidu dynasty
story of the Magi, The : the first Indians at the feet of Our Lady
story of two Mohenjo Daro signs., The
studies in pallava history
Studies in Proto-Indo-Mediterranean culture
supposed Sumero-Babylonian description discovered at Mohenjo-Daro., A
The curse of Noe ..., ...
tirayars in Mohenjo Daro., The
Tree worship in Mohenjo Daro.
two apostles of India, The
Two proto-Indian inscriptions fron Chanu Daro.
Velalas in Mohenjo Daro., The
writing of history, the