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D. of P
E. W
Edward ((biskup Worcester))
Edward (évêque de Worcester)
Edward (Lord Bishop of Worcester)
P, D. of
Stillingfleet, Eduard
Stillingfleet, Edw
Stillingfleet, Edward
Stillingfleet, Edward (Bp. of Worcester)
Stillingfleet, Edward (Dr)
Stillingfleet, Edward (évêque)
Stillingfleet, Edward (vesc. di Worcester)
Stillingfleete, Edward
Stillingfleetus, Eduardus
W, E.
Wigorn, Edw
Wigorn, Edward
Worcester, Edward Stillingfleet (Lord Bishop of)
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Chiswell, Richard (Londen)
Church of England Diocese of Worcester Bishop (1689-1699 : Stillingfleet) (see also from)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Mortlock, Henry
Mortlock, Henry (Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rogers, William (Londen)
Rosemond, Jean-Baptiste de (1657-17.)
Saurmann, Philipp Gottfried
Sell, Alan P.F
Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699))
Ubelman, Johannes -1715
12 predikatien over verscheide texten des Ouden en Nieuwen Testaments
Answer to some papers lately printed concerning the authority of the catholick church in matters of faith, and the reformation of the church of england
Bishop of worcester's answer to mr. locke's letter, concerning some passages relating to his essay of humane understanding, mention'd in the late discourse in vindication of the trinity with a postscript in answer to some reflections made on that treatise in a late socinian pamphlet
Bishop of worcester's answer to mr. locke's second letter wherein his notion of ideas is prov'd to be inconsistent with itself, and with the articles of the christian faith
case of an oath of abjuration considered, The
council of Trent examin'd and disprov'd by catholick tradition ... To which a preface is prefixed concerning the true sense of the council of Trent and the notion of transubstantiation., The
Defence of the discourse concerning the idolatry practised in the church of rome in answer to a book entituled, catholicks no idolators
Défense de la religion chrétienne et de l'Écriture sainte contre les déistes
Discourse concerning bonds of resignation of benefices in point of law and conscience
Discourse concerning the idolatry practised in the church of rome and the hazard of salvation in the communion of it in answer to some papers of a revolted protestant : wherein a particular account is given of the fanaticisms and divisions of that church
Discourse in vindication of the doctrine of the trinity with an answer to the late socinian objections against it from scripture, antiquity and reason, and a preface concerning the different explications of the trinity, and the tendency of the present socinian controversie
doctrine of the trinity and transubstantiation compared, as to Scripture, reason, and tradition, The : in a new dialogue between a protestant and a papist. The second part. Wherein the doctrine of the trinity is shewed to be agreeable to scripture and reason, and transubstantiation repugnant to both.
Doctrines and practices of the church of rome truly represented in answer to a book intituled a papist misrepresented and represented, &c
Dr. Stillingfleet's answer to J. S's catholick letters
Ecclesiastical cases relating to the duties and rights of the parochial clergy, stated and resolved according to the principles of conscience and law
Fifty sermons preached upon several occasions. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward Stillingfleet
[Four religious miniature books, written in shorthand, in the George Fabyan Collection]
Free but modest censure on the late controversial writings and debates ... 1698:, A
grand question, concerning the bishops right to vote in Parlament in cases capital, stated and argued, from the Parlament-rolls, and the history of former times. With an enquiry into their peerage, and the three estates in Parlament., The
Irenicum. A weapon-salve for the churches wounds.
Jesuits loyalty, manifested in three several treatises lately written by them against the oath of allegeance with a preface shewing the pernicious consequence of their principles as to civil government
Letter to a friend for vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter's calumny
Letter to mr. g. giving a true account of a late conference at the d. of p
Origines Britannicæ, or, The antiquities of the British churches with a preface concerning some pretended antiquities relating to Britain : in vindication of the Bishop of St. Asaph
Origines Sacrae, oder Ursprung der Heiligen Historie
Origines sacrae, of Helige oorsprongkelykheden, zynde een redelijk bewijs van de gronden des christelijken geloofs ...
Origines sacrae or a rational account of the grounds of natural and revealed religion ... together with a letter to a deist
philosophy of Edward Stillingfleet, The : including his replies to John Locke
Protestant charity a sermon preached at S. Sepulchres Church, on Tuesday in Easter week, A. D. MDCLXXXI
Rational account of the grounds of protestant religion being a vindication of the lord archbishop of canterbury's relation of a conference etc. from the pretended answer by t.c., wherein the true grounds of faith are cleared and the false discovered, the church of england vindicated from the imputation of schism, and the most important particular controversies between us and those of the church of rome thoroughly examined
Reformation justify'd in a sermon preached at guild-hall chappel septemb. 21, 1673, before the lord major and aldermen, &c
relation of a conference, held about religion, at london, the third of april, 1676., A
Sermon preached before the honourable house of commons at st. margarets westminster, octob. 10, 1666 being the fast-day appointed for the late dreadfull fire in the city of london
Sermons on some of the principal doctrines of the Christian religion with practical inferences and improvements. By Edward Stillingfleet.
Sermons. Selections
Three criticisms of Locke
Traité où est examinée à fond la question agitée en ce temps, scavoir si un protestant, laissant la religion protestante pour embrasser celle de Rome, peut se sauver dans la communion romaine ; composé en anglois par M. Stillinfleet,...
Unreasonableness of separation or, an impartial account of the history, nature, and pleas of the present separation from the communion of the church of england
Vindication of their majesties authority to fill the sees of the deprived bishops in a letter out of the country, occasioned by dr. b's refusal of the bishoprick of bath and wells
Works of that eminent and most learned prelate, dr. edw. stillingfleet, late lord bishop of worcester