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Bache, A... D..
Bache, Alexander D.
Bache, Alexander Dallas
Bache, Alexandre Dallas
Dallas Bache, Alexander
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Alden, James
Armstrong, Robert (1792-1854)
Courtenay, Edward Henry (1803-1853)
Gerdes, F. H.
Gould, B.A.
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp (1824-1896))
Hawley, Joseph R. (1826-1905)
Hawley, Joseph Roswell (1826-1905)
Lindenkohl, H.
Mathiot, G.
National Ocean Survey
Schott, Charles Anthony (1826-1901)
Smith, W. s. XIX
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
United States Coast Survey
United States. National Ocean Service
Atlantic coast of the United States (in four sheets) : sheet no. IV, Mosquito Inlet to Key West.
Cape Fear (Estados Unidos) (Río)
Cape Flattery and Neé-Ah Harbour Washington
Carolina del Sur. SE. (Estados Unidos)
Carta que comprende el puerto de San Francisco de California y sus inmediaciones, Desde Punta de Pinos á Punta Bodega
Defence of Dr. Gould by the scientific council of the Dudley observatory.
Discussion of the magnetic and meteorological observations made at the Girard College Observatory, Philadelphia, in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, and 1845
Experiments on the efficacy of Perkins' steam boilers, or circulators
Experiments relating to the alleged influence of colour on the radiation of non-luminous heat
Galveston (Estados Unidos) (Texas) (Bahía)
harbor of Annapolis, The
Hempstead Harbor, Long Island
Horn Island Pass : Mississippi sound: H. nʿ2: Resurvey 1853
Jones Point, Potomac River, near Alexandria, Virginia
Lecture on the gulf stream prepared at the request of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
manual, containing tables to be used by the revenue officers of the United States, with glass hydrometers, A
Map of a part of Louisiana and Mississippi, illustrating the operations of the U.S. forces, in the Department of the Gulf
Map of eastern Virginia
Map of New-York Bay and Harbor and the environs
Map of supplementary reconnaissance of the approaches to Philadelphia by the West-Chester Road : including the section from Newtown Square to the east branch of the Brandywine Creek
Memoir of the dangers and ice in the north Atlantic ocean. Bureau of navigation, Navy department.
Minute top'l rec. in the vicinity of Rosiers Bluff, Maryland
Mississippi (Estrecho)
Mouth of Connecticut River
Notes and Diagrams, Illustrative of the Directions of the Forces Acting at and near the Surface of the Earth, in Different Parts of the Brunswick Tornado of June 19th 1835
Notice of experiments on electricity developed by magnetism
Observations of the magnetic intensity at twenty-one stations in Europe
Observations to determine the magnetic dip at Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, West Point, Providence, Springfield and Albany
Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo
On the relative horizontal intensities of terrestrial magnetism at several places in the United States : with the investigation of corrections for temperature and comparisons of the methods of oscillation in full and rarefied air
Pacific coast from Point Pinos to Bodega Head Califórnia
Part of Arlington, Virginia
Port Townsend, Washington
Potomac River from Jones' Point to Little Falls Bridge, District of Columbia
Potomac River (in four sheets) : sheet no. 4, from Indian Head to Georgetown
Preliminary chart of Charleston Harbor and its approaches
Preliminary coast chart ... Florida Reefs [on four sheets]
Preliminary sketch of Wachapreaque, Machipongo and Metomkin inlets : Coast of Virginia: (Sketch C. nʿ3)
Reconnaissance of Catalina Harbor and the anchorage on the n.e. side of the Island, California
Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of The United States from Gray's Harbor to the entrance of Admiralty Inlet
Reconnoissance of the Mississippi River below Forts Jackson and St. Philip : made previous to the reduction by the U.S. Fleet, under the command of flag officer D.G. Farragut, U.S.N.
Records and results of a magnetic survey of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states, in 1840 and 1841, with some additional records and results of 1834-35, 1843 and 1862, and a map
Relating to the hardening of lime under water ...
Remarks on a method, proposed by Doctor Thompson, for determining the proportions of potassa and soda in a mixture of the two alkalies, with the application of a similar investigation to a different method of analysis
Replies to a circular in relation to the occurrence of an unusual meteoric display on the 13th of November, 1834, addressed by the Secretary of War to the military posts of the United States, with other facts relating to the same question
Report of the secretary of the Treasury on the construction and distribution of weights and measures.
Report on education in Europe to the trustees of the Girard College for Orphans
Richmond's Island Harbor : (harbor of refuge No. )
Saint George (Estrecho)
Santa Bárbara (Estados Unidos) (California)
Scrap book of Alexander D. Bache
Sketch G showing the progress of the survay in section VII from 1849 to 1853
Southern Georgia and part of South Carolina
Southern Mississippi and Alabama : showing the approaches to Mobile
St. Simon's Sound, Brunswick Harbor, and Turtle River, Georgia
Standard mean right-ascensions of circumpolar and time stars,prepared for the use of the U.S. Coast Survey
Standard places of fundamental stars
Tenallytown to Rockville, Md.
Traité d'optique
treatise on optics, A
Washington. O. (Estados Unidos) (Estado)
Wellfleet Harbor Massachusetts
Western part of the southern coast of Long Island