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Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Thomas (Dr)
Cooper, Thomas ((U.S. politician))
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Coxe, Tench (1755-1824)
Fauche, Pierre François
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Harris, George (1722-1796)
James Madison Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)
Thiel, Udo (1954-)
Account of the trial of Thomas Cooper, of Northumberland, on a charge of libel against the president of the United States, taken in short hand... by Thomas Cooper, An
Address to the graduates of the South Carolina college
answer to the tract lately published by Professor Cooper ..., An
bankrupt law of america compared with that of england, the
Bankrupt law of America, compared with the bankrupt law of England, by Thomas Cooper,...
bankrupt law of America, compared with the bankrupt law of England, The
Caroline du Snd
case of Thomas Cooper, M.D., president of the South Carolina College, The : submitted to the legislature and the people of South Carolina, December, 1831.
Chemical amusement:
Considerations on the slave trade, and the consumption of West India produce
Considerations on the slave trade, and the consumption of West Indian produce.
Conversations on chemistry;
Correspondence between George Hibbert, Esq., and the Rev. T. Cooper relative to the condition of the negro slaves in Jamaica ...
D. Justiniani, sacratissimi principis, Institutiones. Accesserunt ex Digestis tituli de Verborum significatione et Regulis juris ...
Discours de MM. Cooper et Watt, députés de la Société constitutionnelle de Manchester, prononcé à la Société... le 13 avril 1792, et imprimé, avec la réponse du président (Carra), par ordre de cette société
domestic encyclopedia, or, A dictionary of facts and useful knowledge, chiefly applicable to rural & domestic economy, The : with an appendix, containing additions in domestic medicine, and the veterinary and culinary arts
Dr. Cooper on the tariff, 1827?
Dr. Cooper's case
economic mind in american civilization, vol. 2, the
Elements of political economy lectures
english version of the institutes of justinian, an
Examination of A tract on the alteration of the tariff, written by Thomas Cooper
Extract of a letter from a gentleman in America to a friend in England, on the subject of emigration.
Extract of a letter to a student at law.
fabrication of the Pentateuch proved, by the anachronisms contained in those books., The
free press crisis of 1800: thomas cooper's trial for seditious libel, the
inaugural dissertation on cynanche trachealis, commonly called croup or hives, An
information concerning america
Institutes of Justinian with notes, The
Introductory lecture and A discourse on the connexion between science and medicine
introductory lecture of Thomas Cooper, Esq., Professor of Chemistry at Carlisle College, Pennsylvania, The
Introductory lecture on chemistry : delivered at the College of South Carolina, in Columbia, January, 1820
introductory lecture to a course of law, An
Lectures on the elements of political economy
letter to Robert Hibbert, Jun. Esq. in reply to his pamphlet, entitled, Facts verified upon oath ..., A : to which are added a letter from Mrs. Cooper to R. Hibbert ...
Letters on the slave trade : first published in Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle, and since reprinted with additions and alterations
liberty of the press
manual of political economy., A
Memoirs of a nullifier, written by himself.
Memoirs of Dr. Joseph Priestley to the year 1795, written by himself ; with a continuation to the time of his decease, by his son Joseph Priestley, and observations on his writings, by Thomas Cooper,... and the Rev. William Christie
Memoirs of Joseph Priestley, L.L.D. F.R.S. &c.
Observations on the writings
Observations on the Wyoming controversy, respectfully submitted to the legislature of Pennsylvania
On irritation and insanity. A work wherein the relations of the physical with the moral conditions of man, are established on the basis of physiological medicine.
On the Connection between geology and the Pentateuch, in a letter to professor Silliman, from Thomas Cooper,...
On the proposed alteration of the tariff, submitted to the consideration of the members of South-Carolina, in the ensuing Congress of 1823-24
Petition praying the restoration of a fine, with interest, incurred under the Sedition law of 1798, for a libel against the then President U. States. February 14, 1825, printed by order of the Senate of the United States.
Philosophical writings of Thomas Cooper
Plan de vente de trois cent mille acres de terres situées dans les comtés de Northumberland et de Huntingdon, dans l'État de Pensylvanie, divisés en sept cent cinquante lots de quatre cents acres et formant sept cent cinquante actions proposées par souscription par une Société de citoyens des États-Unis de l'Amérique
Political arithmetic
Political essays, originally inserted in the Northumberland gazette.
Proceedings in the Circuit Court of the United States ... under the Act of Congress, passed July 14th, 1798 ... commonly called the Sedition law
public life of thomas cooper, the
Remarkable extracts and observations on the slave trade : with some considerations on the consumption of West India sugar and rum ...
Renseignemens sur l'Amérique.
Renseignements sur l'Amérique
reply to Mr. Burke's invective against Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Watt, in the House of Commons, on the 30th of April, 1792., A
Réponse du président (de la Société des Amis de la constitution)
ride to Niagara in 1809, A
Right of free discussion
scripture doctrine of materialism., The
Slavery pamphlets.
Société des amis de la constitution.... Discours de MM. Cooper et Watt, députés de la Société constitutionnelle de Manchester, prononcé à la Société... le 13 avril 1792, et imprimé, avec la réponse du président (Carra), par ordre de cette société
Some information concerning gas lights
Some information repecting America collected by Thomas Cooper, late of Manchester.
Some information respecting America, collected by Thomas Cooper late of Manchester
Strictures addressed to James Madison on the celebrated report of William H. Crawford, recommending the intermarriage of Americans with the Indian tribes.
Supplement to Mr. Cooper's Letters on the slave trade
system of chemistry, in four volumes., A
System of theoretical and practical chemistry ...
Thoughts on emigration : in a letter
To the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. Sir, I sincerely thank you for the sarcasms you insinuated in your speech on Tuesday last, against the chairman of the provincial meeting of Protestant dissenters at Warrington
Tract on the proposed alteration of the tariff
tracts, ethical, theological, and political
Tracts on medical jurisprudence. Including Farr's Elements of medical jurisprudence, Dease's Remarks on medical jurisprudence, Male's Epitome of juridical or forensic medicine, and Haslam's treatise on insanity. With a preface, notes, and a digest of the law relating to insanity and nuisance.
treatise on the law of libel and the liberty of the press;, A
Two essays: 1. On the foundation of civil government: 2. On the Constitution of the United States.
Two tracts: on the proposed alteration of the tariff; and on weights & measures. Submitted to the consideration of the members from South-Carolina, in the ensuing Congress of 1823-24. ...
university of south carolina, vol. 1
view of the mataphysical and physiological arguments in favor of materialism., A