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Bozzi, Agostino
Bozzi, Augusto
Bozzi Granville, Augusto
Bozzi Granville, Augustus
Granville, A. B.
Granville, August Bozzi
Granville, Augustin B.
Granville, Augusto Bozzi
Granville, Augustus
Granville, Augustus B.
Granville, Augustus Bozzi
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Cerutti, Fridrich Peter Ludwig (1789-1858)
Cerutti, Ludwig
Cramer, Theodor
Granville, Paulina B.
Granville, Paulina Bozzi
Huskisson, W. (1770-1830) (William))
Magendie, François (1783-1855)
Schouten, Hendrik Johannes (1786-1860)
Sulpke, C.G. (Amsterdam)
Autobiography of A.B. Granville, M.D., F.R.S.,-- being eighty-eight years of the life of a physician who practised his profession in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, the West Indies, Russia, Germany, France, and England.
Bains d'Europe. Manuel du voyageur aux eaux d'Allemagne, de France, de la Belgique, de la Savoie, de la Suisse, etc. ...
catechism of facts, A
Counter-initation, its principles and practice, illustrated by one hundred Cases of the most painful and important diseases effectually cured by external applications
essay on Egyptian mumies. -, An
Fernere Beobachtungen über den innern Gebrauch der Blausäure in der Lungenschwindsucht, dem chronischen Katarrh, dem Krampfhusten, der Engbrüstigkeit, dem Keichhusten und einigen andern Krankheiten
Graphic illustrations of abortion and the diseases of menstruation.
grosse artesische Springbrunnen in Kissingen (An den Redacteur der Times), Der
Heilquellen in Kissingen ihr Gebrauch und ihre Wirksamkeit, Die
Historical and practical treatise on the internal use of the hydrocyanic (prussic) acid in pulmonary consumption and other diseases of the chest,... by A. B. Granville,... 2d edition..., An
letter to His Grace the Duke of Wellington on the Nelson Memorial, and the report of the sub-committee ... With a double plate of Mr. Railton's and the caat-iron Corinthian columns., A
Letter to the right honble. w. huskisson, m.p., president of the board of trade, on the quarantine bill
medico delle mummie, 2013:, Il
Natuur- en ziektekundige onderzoekingen, over het gebruik van het Pruissisch zuur (acidum Prussicum) of acidum hydrocianicum, in de behandeling van de ziekten, van de borst en bijzonder in de longtering
Prolegome na on the development and metamorphoses of the human OVUM
Reply to an article contained in the XXth number of the "Journal of science", edited by T. W. Brande,... purporting to be a review of Dr Granville's "Treatise of prussic acid". [Signé, A : A. B. Granville.]
Report of the committee of the Westminter medical society on arsenicated candles [A. B. Granville, reporter]
report of the practice of midwifery, at the Westminster General Dispensary, during 1818; including new classifications of labours, abortions, female complaints, and the diseases of children; with computations on the mortality among lying-in women, and children; and the probabilities of abortion taking place at different periods of pregnancy, &c., &c., with select cases and formulae., A
Royal society in the XIXth century;, The
Science without a head
Spas of England and principal sea-bathing places
Spas of germany
St. Petersburgh: travels to and from that capital.
Sudden death.
sumbul, the : a new asiatic remedy of great power against nervous disorders, spasms of the stomach cramp, hysterical affections, paralysis of the limbs, and epilepsy
Traitement par les nouveaux bains minéraux en Allemagne, ou Description du Soolen-Sprudel-Bau, récemment construit par le gouvernement badois à Kissingen,... par A. B. Granville,... Traduit de l'anglais