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Bard, Samuel A.
E. G. S, Ephraim George Squier
Ephraim George Squier
S, E. G.
S, Ephraim George Squier
Squier, E. G.
Squier, E. George
Squier, Ephraim G.
Squier, Ephraim George
Squier, Ephraim George (American diplomat, archaeologist, and photographer, 1821-1888)
Squier, Epraim G.
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Bard, Samuel A. (1821-1888; see also from)
Comparato, Frank E.
Cuadra, Luciano
Davis, E. H. (1811-1888)
Davis, Edwin Hamilton (1811-1888)
Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)
New-York Historical Society
Schmick, Jacob Heinrich (1824-1905))
squier, franck
Trübner &Co
Virey, J.-J. (1775-1846)
Virey, Julien-Joseph (1775-1846)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Ancient monuments of the Mississippi Valley comprising the results of extensive original surveys and explorations
Antiquities of the state of New York being the results of extensive original surveys and explorations, with a supplement on the antiquities of the west ; illustrated by fourteen quarte plates and eighty engravings on wood
Carta dirijida al Rey de España.
Catalogue of the library of E. G. Squier.
Chemin de fer interocéanique de Honduras
Chinese as they are; their moral and social character, manners, customs, language: with remarks on their arts and sciences, medical skill, the extent of missionary enterprise, etc., The
collection of books... ! his own copies ! with some recently acquired additions and a few books by others, A
Collection of rare and original documents and relations
Compéndio de la historia política de Centro-América
E. G. Squier papers.
encyclopaedia britannica
García de Palacio, D. Letter to the King of Spain, 1985:
Histoire naturelle du genre humain
Honduras descriptive, historical, and statistical
Honduras y el Salvador
Letter to the King of Spain : being a description of the ancient provinces of Guazacapan, Izalco, Cuscatlan, and Chiquimula, in the Audiencía of Guatemala, with an account of the languages, customs, and religion of their aboriginal inhabitants, and a description of the ruins of Copan
Monograph of authors who have written on the languages of Central America and collected vocabularies or composed works in the native dialects of that country
Monograph of the Ancient Monuments of the State of Kentuky, A
New Mexico and California ... 1848?
Nicaragua; its people, scenery, monuments, resources, condition, and proposed canal
Notes on Central America; particularly the states of Honduras and San Salvador: their geography, topography, climate, population, resources, productions etc., etc., and the proposed Honduras inter-oceanic railway
Observations on the chalchihuitl of Mexico and Central America.
Observations on the uses of the mounds of the West, with an attempt at their classification.
Peru incidents of travel and exploration in the land of the Incas
Peru : Reise- und Forschungs-Erlebnisse in dem Lande der Incas
Pictorial history of the American civil war
Quelques remarques sur la géographie et les monuments du Pérou
Question anglo-américaine, 1856:
Recherches sur ses principaux fondemens physiques et moraux
Report to the directors of the Honduras Interoceanic Railway Company (limited)
Ruins of Tenampua, Honduras, Central America.
Serpent symbol, & the worship of the reciprocal principles of nature in America
Travels in Central America, including accounts of some regions unexplored since the conquest;
Tropical fibres : their production and economic extraction.
viaje por tierras incaicas crónica de una expedición arqueológica (1863-1865) con una introducción por Juan de Dios Gueverra, Rector de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima), Un ; prólogo de Raúl Porras Barrenechea ; traducción al español por R. Peña Higginson
Waikna or, Adventures on the Mosquito Shore