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Denison Ross, E.
Dennison Ross, E.M.
Rās, Idvārd Dīnīsūn
Rās, Idvārd Dīnīsūn (Sir)
Ross, Denison
Ross, Denison (Sir)
Ross, E. D. (Sir)
Ross, E. Denison
Ross E. Denison, Edward Denison
Ross, E. Denison (Sir)
Ross, E. Denisson
Ross, Edward D.
Ross, Edward Denison
Ross, Edward Denison (Sir)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Allen, W. E. D. (1901-1973))
Bell, Gertrude (1868-1926)
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian (1868-1926)
Browne, Edward Granville (1862-1926)
Dūġlāt, Muḥammad Ḥaydar (1499-1551)
Elias, N.
Elias, Ney (1844-1897)
Ḥaǧǧī al-Dabīr, ʻAbdullāh Muḥammad al-Makkī al-Āṣafī al-Uluġh̲ānī (1540?-1611?))
Lammens, H.
Lammens, Henri
Power, Eileen (1889-1940)
Skrine, Francis Henry (1847-1933)
Ulughkhānī, ʻAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn ʻUmar (approximately 1540-)
Wingate, Rachel O.
حجي الدبير، عبد الله المكي الآصفي ألغخاني
Akbar and the Jesuits : an account of the Jesuit missions to the court of Akbar
Alphabetic list of the titles of works in the Chinese Buddhist Tripiṭaka : being an index to Bunyiu Nanjio's catalogue and to the 1905 Kioto Reprint of the Buddhist Canon
António de Gouveia
Arabic history of Gujarat, An
art of Egypt through the ages, The
Book of genealogies
Both ends of the candle : the autobiography of Sir E. Denison Ross ; with a foreword by Laurence Binyon.
Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian manuscripts in the library of the Calcutta Madrasah
Catalogue of two collections of Persian and Arabic manuscripts preserved in the India Office Library
central structure of the Mughal Empire and its practical working up to the year 1657, The
Clavijo embassy to Tamerlane 1403-1406
decline of the Saljūqid Empire, The
Dialogues in the eastern Turki dialect on subjects of interest to travellers
Discours of the Turkes by Sr. Thomas Sherley
[Divān-i-Babur pādishāh] A collection of poems by the emperor Babur.
Dīwān-i Bayrām _Kān _Kān-i _Kānān
Do valor dos historiadores portugueses do Oriente à luz dos anais Mussulmanos
Eastern art & Literature, 1928.
Golden cockerel Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, The
Haft-Iqlîm, or The geographical and biographical encyclopaedia of Amīn Aḥmad Rāzī.
Ḥakīm ʻUmar Khayyām.
heart of Asia; a history of Russian Turkestan and the Central Asian khanates from the earliest times, The
history of Gujarat, A : including a survey of its chief architectural monuments and inscriptions
history of the Georgian people, A : from the beginning down to the Russian conquest in the nineteenth century
history of the Moghuls of Central Asia, being the Tarikh-i-Rashidi of Muhammad Haidar Dughlat, A : an English version
Īrāna te Īrānī
Islam: beliefs and institutions
Islam; croyances et institutions.
Jaina iconography
journal of Robert Stodart; being an account of his experiences as a member of Sir Dodmore Cotton's mission in Persia in 1628-29. Published from the unique manuscript preserved in the Bodleian library, The
Kitāb Marham al-ʿilal al-muʿḍila
La prose persane; La poésie persan, ...
light of Asia, The
Mab^ani 'l-lughat, The : being a grammar of the Turki language in Persian
Marco Polo and his book
Mughal empire
Musulman painting, XIIth-XVIIth century
Nadir Shah : a critical study based mainly upon contemporary sources
Persian and Turki dîvâns of Bayram Khân, Khân-Khânân, The
Persian art
Persian pictures
Persians, The
prose persane; la poésie persane, La
Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam;, The
Šaǧara-i ansāb-i Mubārakšāhī
Sanskrit, Tibetan-English vocabulary
Seven pillars of fire; a symposium, The
Shajarah-i ansāb.
Sir Anthony Sherley and his Persian adventure : including some contemporary narratives relating thereto
Sir Antony Sherley and his Persia adventure, including some contemporary narratives relating thereto
Sir Antony Sherley and his Persian adventure, including some contemporary narratives relating thereto, ...
story of Ti-med-kun-den, The : a Tibetan nam-thar
Taʻríkh-i Fakhruʻd-Dín Mubáraksháh; being the historical introduction to the Book of genealogies of Fakhruʼd-Din Mubáraksháh Marvar-rúdí completed in A. D. 1206.
Tarekhi Rashidi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Dughlat : travels in the Mughals of Central Asia
Tārīḫ-i Rašīdī of Mīrzā Muḥammad Ḥaidar, The : a history of the Moghuls of Central Asia.
Tārīh̲ Rašīdī : tārīh̲ al-Muġūl fī Āsyā al-Wusṭá. Al-qism al-awwal
Tārīh̲ Rašīdī : tārīh̲ al-Muġūl fī Āsyā al-Wusṭá. Al-qism al-t̲ānī
Tārīḵ-i Faḵr al-Dīn Mubārakšāh, being the historical introduction to the book of genealogies of Fakhru 'D-Din Mubārakshāh Marvar-Rudi completed in A.D. 1206
Tārīḵ-i Faḵr al-Dīn Mubārakšāh Marwarrūḍī
Tārīkh-i Fakhr al-Dīn Mubārakshāh Marvarūz̲ī : andar-i aḥvāl-i Hind
Tārīkh -i Gujarat. [from old catalog]
Taʼrīkh-i-Jahān-gushāy of Juwayni, vol. III.
This English language
Three Turki manuscripts from Kashghar
Tibetan studies : being a reprint of the articles contributed to the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Tōhō kembunroku. Travels of Marco Polo.
Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354
Travels of Marco Polo.
volume of Indian and Iranian studies presented to E. Denison Ross on his 68th birthday 6th june 1939, A
Where Orient and Occident meet : in celebration of the opening of Oriental Hall ... of the American University at Cairo
year amongst the Persians. Impressions as to the life, character, & thought of the people of Persia, received during twelve months' residence in that country in the years 1887-1888, A
Ẓafar al-wālih bi-muẓaffar wa-ālih
Ẓafar al-wālih bi-muẓaffar wa-ālihi fī tārīh̲ Kuǧarāt. Al-muǧallad 1
Ẓafar al-wālih bi-muẓaffar wa-ālihi fī tārīh̲ Kuǧarāt. Al-muǧallad 2
Ẓafar al-wālih bi-muẓaffar wa-ālihi fī tārīh̲ Kuǧarāt. Al-muǧallad 3
Zafar ul-walih bi Muzaffar wa alih
Zohar in Moslem and Christian Spain, The
تاريخ رشيدي. القسم الأول : تاريخ المغول في آسيا الوسطى
تاريخ رشيدي. القسم الثاني : تاريخ المغول في آسيا الوسطى
ظفر الواله بمظفر وآله في تاريخ كجرات. المجلد 1
ظفر الواله بمظفر وآله في تاريخ كجرات. المجلد 2
ظفر الواله بمظفر وآله في تاريخ كجرات. المجلد 3