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Proctor, R. A.
Proctor, Richard A.
Proctor, Richard Anthony
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Cartographic material
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Császár, Károly (1842- [from old catalog])
Foster, Thomas
Guillemin, Amédée Victor (1826-1893. [from old catalog])
Ranyard, Arthur Cowper (1845-1894)
Schur, Wilhelm
Steavenson, William Herbert ([from old catalog])
Szily, Kálmán (1838- [from old catalog])
Wilson, Andrew (1852-1912)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
borderland of science; a series of familiar dissertations on stars, planets and meteors, sun and moon, gambling, earthquakes, flying-machines, coal, coincidences, etc., The
Chance and luck a discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and the fallacies of gambling; with notes on poker and martingales
Easy star lessons
expanse of heaven; a series of essays on the wonders of the firmament, The
Familiar science studies
First steps in geometry:
Flowers of the sky
Great-circle sailing: indicating the shortest sea-routes and describing maps for finding them in a few seconds ...
Great pyramid observatory, tomb, and temple
Guide to the knowledge of the constellations
Half-hours with the telescope; being a popular guide to the use of the telescope as a means of amusement and instruction.
handbook of the stars: containing the places of 1500 stars, from the first to the fifth magnitude inclusive, upwards of 200 of which are noted as double, multiple, or variable; a list of star-names; a table for determining the position of the constellations on the celestial concave at all hours and seasons, and other useful tables. With an examination of the properties of the projections used in mapping; and hints on the selection, use, and construction of star-maps., The
heavens; an illustrated handbook of popular astronomy, The
Hereditary traits, and other essays.
Home whist: an easy guide to correct play, according to the latest developments.
How to play whist.
Lectures on practical pharmacy
Light science for leisure hours, a series of familiar essays on scientific subjects natural phenomena etc
Más világok mint a mienk:
Moon : her motions, aspect, scenery, & physical condition
Myths and marvels of astronomy
Nature studies.
Nouvel atlas céleste... précédé d'une introduction sur l'étude des constellations, augmenté de quelques études d'astronomie stellaire, par Richard A. Proctor,... ouvrage traduit de l'anglais, sur la 6e édition, par Philippe Gérigny,...
On Star-grouping, Star-drift, and Star-mist
Orbs around us a series of familiar essays on the moon and planets, meteors and comets, the sun and coloured pairs of suns
Other worlds than ours
Our place among infinities. A series of essays contrasting our little abode in space and time with the infinities around us. To which are added essays on astrology and the Jewish sabbath
Pleasant ways in science
Poetry of astronomy: a series of familiar essays on the heavenly bodies
Remarks on Browning's stereograms of Mars.
Saturn and its system: containing discussions of the motions (real and apparent) and telescopic appearance of the planet Saturn, its satellites, and rings; the nature of the rings; the great inequality of Saturn and Jupiter; and the habitability of Saturn. To which are appended notes on Chaldæan astronomy, Laplace's nebular theory, and the habitability of the moon; a series of tables with explanatory notes; and explanations of astronomical terms.
Science byways: a series of familiar dissertations on life in other worlds; comets and the sun; the North pole; rain; danger from lightning; growth and decay of mind; the brain and mental feats; automata; &c.
Select works of Richard A. Proctor ...
Six lectures [MI] 1874
Star atlas for students and observers, showing 6000 stars and 1500 double stars, nebulae, &c. in twelve maps on the equidistant projection with index maps on the stereographic projection
Star maps for every month in the year.
stars in their seasons, an easy guide to a knowledge of the stars: exhibiting, in twelve large maps, the appearance of the heavens at any hour of the night all the year round., The
Strange discoveries respecting the aurora, and recent solar researches
Strength and happiness
Strength; how to get strong and keep strong, with chapters on rewing and swimming, fat, age, and the waist
sun: ruler, fire, light, and life of the planetary system., The
Sun-views of the earth, or The seasons illustrated: comprising forty-eight views of the earth as supposed to be seen for the sun at differents hours and seasons, with five enlarged sun-views of England and a diagram representing the earth's daily motion in the orbit.
Transits of Venus. A popular account of past and coming transits, from the first observed by Horrocks A.D. 1639 to the transit of A.D. 2012.
Treatise on the cycloid and all forms of cycloidal curves and on the use of such curves in dealing with the motions of planets, comets, etc. and of matter projected from the sun, by Richard A. Proctor,... For the use of students..., A
Universe and the coming transits, presenting researches into and new views respecting the constitution of the heavens, The ; together with an investigation of the conditions of the coming transits of Venus... by Richard A. Proctor,...
Universe of suns and other science gleanings
Unser Standpunkt im Weltall
Wages & wants of science-workers; with a new index.
Watched by the dead: a loving study of Dickens' half-told tale.