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American lady
Author of Biographies of good wives
Author of Days of childhood and Girl's own book
Author of Fact and fiction
Author of Hobomok
Author of Letters from New York
Author of Philothea
Biographies of good wives, Author of
Child, ..
Child, Anna
Child, D. L. (Mrs)
Child, David Lee (Mrs)
Child, L. Maria
Child, Lydia
Child, Lydia M.
Child, Lydia Maria
Child, Lydia Maria Francis
Child, (Lydia Maria (Mrs)
Child, Lydia Marie
Child, Maria
Childe, Lydia Maria (Mrs)
Childs, L. M.
Childs, Lydia Maria
Childs, Lydia Maria (Mrs)
Days of childhood, Author of
Editor of Juvenile miscellany
Fact and fiction, Author of
Francis, Lydia M.
Francis, Lydia Maria
Francis, Lydia Maria (Frueherer Name)
Girl's own book, Author of
Hobomok, Author of
Juvenile miscellany, Editor of
Lady of Massachusetts
Letters from New York, Author of
Philothea, Author of
チャイルド, リディア・マリア
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American Anti-Slavery Society
Child, David Lee (1794-1874)
Jacobs, Harriet (1813-1897)
Jacobs, Harriet A. (1813-1897)
Jacobs, Harriet Ann (1813-1897)
Jacobs, Harriet Ann (1813-1897))
Karcher, Carolyn L.
Mills, Bruce
National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection (Library of Congress)
Rogers, Nathaniel Peabody (1794-1846)
Stone, Lucy (1818-1893)
Susan B. Anthony Collection (Library of Congress)
Teller, Walter Magnes (1910-1993))
Yellin, Jean Fagan
野々村, 淑子
American anti-slavery almanac, for ..., The : calculated for Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh ...
American frugal housewife dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy
Anti-slavery catechism
Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans
Aspirations of the world.
Authentic anecdotes of American slavery
Autumnal leaves tales and sketches in prose and rhyme
Biographies of good wives
Biographies of madame de stael and madame roland
Bitty Bear's sleigh ride
children of Mount Ida and other stories, The
Coronal a collection of miscellaneous pieces, written at various times
Correspondence between Lydia Maria Child and Gov. Wise and Mrs. Mason of Virginia
Correspondence. Selections
Evenings in New England : intended for juvenile amusement and instruction
Evils of slavery and the cure of slavery the first proved by the opinions of southerners themselves, the last shown by historical evidence
Fact and fiction a collection of stories
Family nurse or, companion of the frugal housewife
First settlers of new-england or, conquest of the pequods, narragansets and pokanokets as related by a mother to her children
Flowers for children
Freedmen's book
gift book of biography for young ladies, The
Grandma's Thanksgiving; for solo, unison or three-part treble voices
History of the condition of women in various ages and nations
Incidentes da vida de uma escrava : contados por ela mesma
Incidents in the life of a slave girl written by herself
Isaac T. Hopper a true life
Juvenile miscellany, The
Letters from New York
Letters of Lydia Maria Child
Little girl's own book
Looking toward sunset from sources old and new, original and selected
magician's show box, and other stories, The
man that killed his neighbours, The
Memoirs of Madame de Staël, and of Madame Roland
Mother's book
Narrative of a five years' expedition against the revolted Negroes of Surinam.
Narrative of Joanna, an emancipated slave of Surinam.
National anti-slavery standard.
Over the river and through the wood : the New England boy's song about Thanksgiving day
Patriarchal institution as described by members of its own family
Progress of religious ideas, through successive ages
Rebels or, boston before the revolution
Remembered home
Right way the safe way, proved by emancipation in the British West Indies, and elsewhere
Romance of the Republic
Selected letters, 1817-1880
Stories for young folks
true tale of slavery