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Madden, F.
Madden, F. (Sir)
Madden, Frederic
Madden, Frederic (Sir)
Madden, Frederic W.
Madden, Frederic William
Madden, Frederick
Madden, Frederik
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British Museum Affiliation (see also from)
British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts
Fairholt, F.W. (1814-1866)
Fairholt, Frederick William (1814-1866)
Forshall, Josiah (1795-1863))
Matthieu Paris (1200?-1259))
Purvey, John (1353?-1428?))
Rogers, T. D.
Roxburghe Club
Silvestre, Joseph Balthazar (1791-1869)
Skeat, Walter W. (1835-1912)
Skeat, Walter William (1835-1912)
Smith, Charles Roach (1807-1890))
Stevenson, Seth William (1784-1853))
Wycliffe, John (d. 1384))
Account of King Henry the eighth's entry into Lincoln, in 1541
Ancient English romance of Havelok the Dane accompanied by the French text..., The
Ancient English romance of William and the Werwolf edited from an unique copy in King's college library, Cambridge, The ; with an introduction and glossary.
Arte de axedres, 1855:
Bible. O.T. Poetical books. English. (Middle English) 1881. Purvey
books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon according to the Wycliffite version, The
British Museum. A guide to the printed books exhibited in the Grenville library and King's library [by J. Winter Jones] ; to the autograph letters, manuscripts, charters and seals exhibited in the department of manuscripts [by F. Madden] and to the drawings and prints exhibited in the King's library [by William Hookham Carpenter]
Catalogue of the manuscript music in the British Museum.
Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Orientalium qui in Museo Britannico asservantur..
Coins of the Jews
dictionary of Roman coins Republican and imperial, A
Guillaume de Palerne. [from old catalog]
handbook of Roman numismatics, The
handlist of manuscripts in the library of the Earl of Leicester at Holkham Hall, A : abstracted from the catalogues of William Roscoe and Frederic Madden
"Historia Britonum" of Geoffrey of Mommouth. [Signé, The : F. Madden.]
History of English poetry. -
History of Jewish coinage and of money in the Old and New Testament
Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments with the apocryphal books in the earliest English versions made from the Latin Vulgate by John Wycliffe and his followers, The
How the good wife taught her daughter.
lay of Havelok the Dane, The : composed in the reign of Edward I, about A.D. 1280
Layamon's Brut, or Chronicle of Britain a poetical semi-Saxon paraphrase of the Brut of Wace ...
Letter containing intelligence of the proceedings of the court and nobility, at the commencement of the year 1454 accompanied by some remarks
List of additions 1841-1845
Matthaei Parisiensis, monachi Sancti Albani, Historia anglorum sive, ut vulgo dicitur, Historia minor ; item, ejusdem abbreviatio chronicorum angliae
Narrative of the visit of the duke de Najera to England, in the year 1543-4, written by his secretary, Pedro de Gante
Notes on illuminated mss., 1847.
Observations on an autograph of Shakspere, and the orthography of his name, communicated to the Society of antiquaries by sir Frederic Madden,... in a letter to John Gage,...
Old English versions of the "Gesta Romanorum"..., The
On the game of chess in Europe during the thirteenth century
Petition of Richard Troughton, bailiff of south Witham, Lincolnshire, to the privy council in the reign of queen Mary, relating to the share taken by him in the duke of Northhumberland's plot
Photographic facsimiles of the remains of the epistles of Clement of Rome, made from the unique copy preserved in the Codex Alexandrinus.
Political poems, written in the reigns of Henry 6. and Edward 4.
Privy purse expenses of the Princess Mary, daughter of King Henry the Eighth, afterwards Queen Mary with a memoir of the princess, and notes
Remembrances for the apparel, accoutrements, and necessaries, of Henry Algernon Percy, earl of Northumberland, and his retinue, preparatory to his joining the english army in France, in the year 1513
Sir Frederic Madden at Cambridge extracts from Madden's diaries 1831, 1838, 1841-2, 1846, 1859 and 1863
Syr Gawayne ; a collection of ancient romance-poems, by Scotish and English authors, relating to that celebrated knight of the Round Table.
Universal palaeography or, fac-similes of writings of all nations and periods, copied from the most celebrated and authentic manuscripts in the libraries and archives of France, Italy, Germany, and England
Warrant of king James the first, to the great wardrobe, for apparel, &c. for the marriage of the princess Elizabeth