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Minutius, Cassid. Aureus
P. W
P. W ([a])
P, W. (Sir)
P, William Petty (Sir)
Pett, U.
Petti, Uilʹi︠a︡m (Sir)
Petti, Uiliam (Sir)
Petti, V.
Petti, Vil'âm
Petti, Vilʹi︠a︡m (Sir)
Petti, Viliam (Sir)
Petty, Guglielmus
Petty, Guilielmus
Petty, Sir William
Petty, Wilhelm
Petty, William
Petty, William (Sir)
True Protestant and well-wisher of his countrey
W. P ([a])
W. P, William Petty (Sir)
ペティ, ウイリアム
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Cartographic material
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Language material
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Graunt, John (1620-1674)
Hull, Charles Henry (1864-1936)
Jordan, Thomas Edward (1929- ))
Lansdowne, Henry William Edmund Petty-FitzMaurice Marquess of, 1872-1936
Parish Clerks' Company (London, England)
Southwell, Robert Sir, 1635-1702
Tralage, Jean-Nicolas de (1640?-1720?)
Visscher, Nicolaes Jansz (jr., 1649-1702.)
松川, 七郎 (1906-)
Administración de pequeñas empresas : un enfoque emprendedor
Advice of w.p. to mr. samuel hartlib for the advancement of some particular parts of learning
Colloquium Davidis cum anima sua
county of Clare., The
discourse made before the Royal Society, concerning the use of duplicate proportion in sundry important particulars: together with a New hypothesis of springing or elasticque motions, The
Double bottom or twinhulled ship, The
Economic writings of sir william petty together with the observations upon the bills of mortality more probably by captain john graunt
Ekonomičeskie i statističeskie raboty. 1
Essay concerning the multiplication of mankind together with another essay in political arithmetick concerning the growth of the city of london, with the measures, periods, causes, and consequences thereof. 1682
Further assertion of the propositions concerning the magnitude, &c. of london contained in two essays in political arithmetick ... together with a vindication of the said essays of some learned persons of the french nation
geographicall description of ye kingdom of Ireland, collected from ye actual survey made by Sr William Petty, corrected and amended by the advice and assistance of severall... artists... by Francis Lamb, A
Hibernia regnum
Hiberniae delineatio
History of the survey of Ireland commonly called the down survey, The
Magnæ Britanniæ tabula, comprehendens Angliæ, Scotiæ, ac Hiberniæ regna. In omnes suas provincias accurata divisa
Petty : el nacimiento de la economía política
Petty papers, The : some unpublished writings
Petty-Southwell correspondence, 1676-1687, The
Political anatomy of Ireland, with the establishment for that kingdom when the late duke of Ormond was lord lieutenant, taken from the records. To which is added "Verbum sapienti" or an account of the wealth and expences of England and the method of raising taxes in the most equal manner, shewing also that the nation can bear the charge of 4 millions "per annum" when the occasions of the Government require it, by Sir William Petty,..., The
Political arithmetick, or, A discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings husbandry, manufacture, commerce, fishery ..., publick revenues, interest, taxes ..., valuation of men, increasing of seamen, of militia's, harbours, situation, shipping, power at sea, &c. : as the same relates to every country in general, but more particularly to the territories of His Majesty of Great Britain and his neighbours of Holland, Zealand, and France
Quantulumcunque concerning money
royaume d'Irlande divisé en provinces... selon les mémoires du Sr. Petty, corrigé et augmenté, Le
Several essays in political arithmetick
Sir William Petty, 1674 : letters to John Aubrey
Sir William Petty's memoir (1623-1687) : an English physician, scientist, and cartographer
Treatise of taxes and contributions shewing the nature and measures of crown-lands, assessments, customs, poll-moneys ... &c. with several intersperst discourses and digressions concerning warrs, the church, universities, rents and purchases ... &c. the same being frequently applied to the state and affairs of ireland, and is now thought seasonable for the present affairs of england
Verbum sapienti
William Petty and the ambitions of political arithmetics