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Hubbard, L. Ron
Hubbard, L. Ronald
Hubbard, La Fayette Ron
Hubbard, La Fayette Ronald
Hubbard, Lafayette
Hubbard, Lafayette Ron
Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald
Hubbard, Ron
Hubbard, Ron L.
Nuclear physicist
Randolph, Barry
Хаббард, Л. Рон
ل. رون هابرد, لا فييت رون
هابرد، ل. رون, لا فييت رون
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
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writer of accompanying material
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Colt, Winchester Remington (other identity, same person)
Lafayette, René (other identity, same person)
Rachen, Kurt von (other identity, same person)
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Berts, Peter (19..-.... traducteur)
Chase, Harry
Church of Scientology International
Constante, Susana
Daley, R. F.
Delance, Jean-Jacques
Demuth, Michel (1939-2006)
Eckold, Dirk
Golden Era Productions
Hubbard, L. Ron (1911-; see also from)
Hubbard, La Fayette Ron (1911-; see also from)
Junge, Eckehard
Meskimen, Jim
New Era Publications International
Ruppert, Tait
Thompson, Josh R.
Toronto Continental Organization
Advanced procedure and axioms.
Battlefield earth : a saga of the year 3000
Branded outlaw
Buckskin brigades
camino a la felicidad, El
chemin du bonheur., Le
Clear body, clear mind : the effective purification program
creation of human ability, The : a handbook for Scientologists
Dianetics 55! : the complete manual of human communication
Dianetics the evolution of a science.
Dianetics : the modern science of mental health : a handbook of dianetic procedure
Dianetics : the modern science of mental health : a handbook of dianetics procedure
Dianetics the original thesis:
Dianetik : der Leitfaden für den menschlichen Verstand
Dianetik : die Entwicklung einer Wissenschaft
Dianetik : die moderne Wissenschaft der geistigen Gesundheit
dianétique, La : évolution d'une science
dianétique, La : la puissance de la pensée sur le corps
E-meter essentials : a startling and thorough coverage of the E-meter incorporating all modern developments and its use in assessments and confessionals
Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology
enemy within, The
Evolution of a science
Final black-out
Final blackout
Fundamentals of thought.
Guide pour préclairs
Handbook for preclears
Hymn of Asia : an eastern poem
Inky odds
Introduction to scientology ethics.
Kampf um die Erde
kingslayer, The
management series, The
Mission Erde
Mission Terre
new slant on life, A
Notes on the lectures of L. Ron Hubbard.
Ole Doc Methuselah
Orders is orders
organization executive course, The : an encyclopedia of scientology policy
Phoenix lectures, The
pole bitewne ziemia
problems of work scientology applied to the workaday world, The
problems of work, The : scientology applied to the work-a-day world
Purification : an illustrated answer to drugs
Requiem pour une planète
Science of survival : prediction of human behavior
Scientologi : tankens grunder : [den grundläggande boken om scientologins teori och praktik för nybörjare]
Scientologie, une nouvelle optique sur la vie
Scientology 0-8 : das Buch der Grundlagen
Scientology 0-8 : the book of basics
Scientology 8-80 : the discovery and increase of life energy in the genus homo sapiens
Scientology 8-8008.
Scientology: a history of man : a list and description of the principal incidents to be found in a human being
Scientology, a new slant on life.
Scientology : die Grundlagen des Denkens
Scientology eight-eight thousand eight
Scientology : eine neue Sicht des Lebens
Scientology Handbook, The
Scientology the fundamentals of thought
Scientologyuma nova perspectiva sobre a vida
Self analysis : a simple self-help volume of tests and processes based on the discoveries contained in dianetics
Self analysis : a simple self-help volume of tests and techniques based on the discoveries contained in dianetics
Short stories.
Slaves of sleep
technical bulletins of dianetics and scientology, The
Technologie du management
To the stars
Toronto Continental Organization., The
Twenty fathoms down
Typewriter in the sky
Understanding the E-meter : a book on the basics of how the E-meter works
volunteer minister's handbook, The
Voyage of vengeance
way to happiness a common sense guide to better living, The
Weg zum Glücklichsein, Der
What is scientology? : based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard
كيف تستعمل دايانتيكس دليل صورى إلى فكر الانسان.
Contributed to or performed: 
1951-05-21: Professional Course Lectures: Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, Wichita, KS, USA
1954-10-08/18: Route 1
1954-12-06/1955-01-21: The Solution to Entrapment: 9th American Advanced Clinical Course, Phoenix, AZ, USA
1957-01-2/15: The Anatomy of Cause: 16th American Advanced Clinical Course, Washington, DC, USA
1959-11-07/08: Principles of Creation: Melbourne Congress, Melbourne, Australia
1963-04-20: Academy of Scientology, Saint Hill, London, England
1972-03-01/06: Establishment Officer Lectures: Sea Organization Flagship Apollo
Academy Lectures, Level 3
Chart of Human Evaluation, Part I, The
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
New Era Dianetics
PDC: The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
State of Mind
Аберрация: как с ней справляться
Дефиниции саентологических терминов
Дефиниция организации
Дианетика: лекции и демонстрации
Дорогая Алиса
Замешательство и стабильные данные
Золотой рассвет
Истоки Саентологии
Лекции «Наука выживания»
Лекции профессионального курса по Дианетике
Мельбурнский конгресс
Оргсхема и жизнедеятельность
Свободное существо