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Weston (Clergyman), Stephen ((antiquary))
Weston, S.
Weston, Stephan
Weston, Stephen
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Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1729-1796)
Hawkins, Edward (1780-1867))
Kennedy, John (d. 1760))
Poole, J.
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Richardson, John (1741-1811?))
S.-Peterburgskoe glavnoe narodnoe uchilishche
ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib (0596?-0661))
Account of moulds for casting Roman coins, found at and near Edington, in the county of Somerset
Account of some Saxon pennies, and other articles, found at Sevington, North Wilts
attempt to translate and explain the difficult passages in the Song of Deborah with the assistance of Kennicott's collations, Rossi's versions, and critical conjecture. By the Rev. Stephen Weston., An
Chinese chronicle, by Abdalla of Beyza, translated from the Persian with notes and explanations..., A
Explanatory notes on the plate of Allectus, Emperor of Britain, with those of Carausius
Fan-hy-cheu: a tale, in Chinese and English: with notes, and a short Grammar of the Chinese language ...
Fragments of oriental literature with an outline of a painting on a curious china vase.
Hermesianax, sive conjecturae in Athenaeum atque aliquot poetarum Graecorum loca, quae cum corriguntur et explicantur tum carmine donantur. Auctore Stephano Weston
Historic notices of cities in greece and in other countries that have struck coins
Letters from Paris, during the summer of 1791
[Miscellaneous numismatic tracts].
Moral aphorisms in Arabic, and a Persian commentary in verse : tr. from the originals; with specimens of Persian poetry; likewise additions to the author's Conformity of the Arabic and Persian with the English language.
Observations on the coronation medals of George the Fourth, and William the Fourth
Observations on the origin and antiquity, use and advantage of cufic coins
Ode to Her Imperial Majesty Catherine the Great
Persian distichs, 1814:
Persian distichs from various authors, in which the beauties of the language are exhibited in a small compass, and may be easily remembered ....
Remains of Arabic in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. With a sketch by way of introduction of the history of Spain, from the invasion to the expulsion of the Moors. Also extracts from the original letters in Arabic, to and from Don Manoueel and his governors in India and Africa. Appendix containing a specimen of the introduction to the Hitopadesa translated into three languages, the principal metre of which is that of the Sanscrit... By Stephen Weston,...
Remarks on the coins of the kings of Mercia
Sermon on Isaiah, c. xiv, v. 18, 19, 20 ... By Stephen Weston.
short account of the late Mr. Richard Porson, M.A., Greek professor of Trinity College, Cambridge, A : with some few particulars relative to his extraordinary talents
Siao cu lin, or, A small collection of Chinese characters analysed and decompounded, with the English prefixed in the order of the alphabet, by way of introduction to the language of China, also the elementary characters as they are pronounced at Pekin & Canton with a preface & notes of construction, to which is added the Chinese genesis & its agreement with the Mosaic account ; contentus paucis
Some account of an excavation of a Roman town on the hill of Chatelet in Champagne, between St. Dizier and Joinville, discovered in the year 1772
specimen of Persian poetry, or, Odes of Hafez, A : with an English translation and paraphrase, chiefly from the Specimen poeseos persicae of Baron Revizky ...
Specimen of the conformity of the European languages, particularly the English with the Oriental languages, especially the Persian, in the order of the alphabet. With notes and authorities... By Stephen Weston,..., A
Taken from vol. XVII of archaeologia. Description of a roman altar found in the neighbourhood of Aldston Moor, in Cumberland... Read 18th June, 1812
Trimester in France and Swisserland, or a three months' journey in the months of July, August, September and October 1820 from Calais to Basle through Lyons, and from Basel to Paris through Strasburg and Reims, by an Oxonian, A
Two sketches of France, Belgium, and Spa : in two tours, during the summers of 1771 and 1816
Viaggiana or, detached remarks on the buildings, pictures, statues, inscriptions, &c. of ancient and modern Rome. With additional observations.
Visit to Vaucluse, Nismes, Orange, Pont-du-Gard, Avignon, Marseilles, etc., etc., in May 1821, by the author of the "Trimester" in 1820, A
Werneria, or, Short characters of earths, 1805:
Weston's Chineses characters.