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Address to the freemen and freeholders of the nation, Author of the
Author of the Address to the freemen and freeholders of the nation
Bohun, E.
Bohun, Edmond
Bohun, Edmund
Bohun, Edmund (Sr)
E. B, Edmund Bohun
Lay gentleman, of the communion of the Church of England
Person of quality
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Language material
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Alberts, Jean
Dodwell, Henry (1641-1711)
Filmer, Robert (d. 1653; Sir))
Godbid, Arthur (Londen)
Heylyn, Peter (1600-1662)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Playford, John (the younger, Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Pufendorf, Samuel von (1632-1694))
Seidler, Michael
Wells, George (Londen)
Whear, Degoreus (1573-1647)
Whear, Degory (1573-1647)
Address to the free-men and free-holders of the nation
Caractere de la reine Elizabet et de ses principaux ministres d'etat, Le : dans lequel on voit ce qui est arrivé de plus considérable pendant son régne: ses vertus, ses défauts & sa politque, avec la maniére de son gouvernement, tant dans l'Eglise que dans l'etat
Collection of authentic useful precedents in all cases which do properly concern, or are relating to, the office of a justice of the peace
Complete guide for justices of peace
Defence of sir robert filmer, against the mistakes and misrepresentations of algernon sidney, esq. in a paper delivered by him to the sheriffs upon the scaffold on tower-hill, on fryday december the 7th 1683 before his execution there
Diary and autobiography of edmund bohun, esq with an introductory memoir, notes, and illustrations
Freedom of the press : four tracts, 1664-1693 : with the diary of Edmund Bohun.
Geographical dictionary, representing the present and antient names and states of all the countries, kingdoms, provinces, remarkable cities, universities, ports, towns, mountains, seas, streights, fountains, and rivers of the whole world. their distances, longitudes, and latitudes, with a short historical account of the same
History of the desertion, or, An account of all the publick affairs in England, from the beginning of September 1688 to the twelfth of February following with An answer to a piece call'd The desertion discussed : in a letter to a country gentleman
justice of peace his calling, The : a moral essay.
method and order of reading both civil and ecclesiastical histories, The : in which the most excellent historians are reduced into the order in which they are successively to be read ...
Natural power of kings.
present state of Germany, The
Proposal for the raising of the silver coin of england from 60 pence in the ounce to 75 pence considered with the consequences thereof
statu Imperii Germanici., De
Three charges delivered at the general quarter sessions holden at Ipswich, for the County of Suffolk, in the years 1691, 1692 : to which is added the author's vindication from the calumnies and mistakes cast on him on account of his Geographical dictionary