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Mahon, Charles
Mahon, Charles Stanhope (Viscount)
Mahon (Lord)
Mountmorres, Charles Stanhope (Viscount)
Stanhope (3rd Earl)
Stanhope, Charles
Stanhope, Charles (comte)
Stanhope, Charles Mahon
Stanhope, Charles of
Stanhope, Charles S.
Stanhope, Charles Stanhope
Stanhope, Charles Stanhope (Earl)
Stanhope (Earl)
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Crusius, Siegfried Lebrecht (1737-1824)
Éon, Charles de Beaumont d' (1728-1810)
Keralio, Louis-Félix Guinement (1731-1795 chevalier de)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Needham, John Turberville (1713-1781)
Seeger, Johann Friedrich
Apologie de la révolution française et des travaux de l'Assemblée nationale, ou Lettre au très-honorable Edmond Burke, servant de réplique à son discours, prononcé dans la chambre des communes, contre la révolution française ; par le Cte Stanhope,... Traduite de l'anglais sur la 3e édition...
Apologie de la révolution française et des travaux de l'Assemblée nationale ou Lettre au très-honorable Edmund Burke...
Copie d'une lettre de milord comte Stanhope à M. de La Rochefoucault. Lue à la séance du 21 juillet
Copie de la lettre de Mlle la chevalière d' Éon au lord comte Stanhope. (14 juillet.)
Copie de la réponse de lord comte Stanhope à Mlle la chevalière d'Éon. (15 juillet 1790.)
Earl Stanhope's Protest : House of Lords, Tuesday, January 6, 1795 : after making the following motion, "Resolved, that this country ... will not interfere in the internal affairs of France" ...
Grundsätze der Elektrizität
letter from Earl Stanhope, to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, 1790., A
letter from Earl Stanhope, to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, A : containing a short answer to his late speech on the French Revolution.
letter from earl Stanhope to the right honourable Edmund Burke containing a short answer to his late speech of the French Revolution, A
Lettre du comte Stanhope à l'honorable Edmond Burke, contenant une courte réponse à son discours sur la Révolution de France
Lettres de milord Stanhope à M. de Condorcet [3-7 juillet 1791]
Lord Mahons Grundsätze der Elektrizität
Observations on Mr Pitt's plan, 1786:
Principes d'électricité, contenant plusieurs théorèmes appuyés par des expériences nouvelles, avec une analyse des avantages supérieurs des conducteurs élevés et pointus... par milord Mahon,... ouvrage traduit de l'anglais, par M. l'abbé N... [John Turberwille Needham]
Principles of electricity, containing divers new theorems and experiments, together with an analysis of the superior advantages of high and pointed conductors This treatise comprehends an explanation of an electrical returning stroke, by which, fatal effects may be produced, even at a vast distance from the place where the lightning falls. By Charles Viscount Mahon, F.R.S.
Principles of the science of tuning : instruments with fixed tones
Remarks on Mr. Brydone's account of a remarkable thunder-storm in Scotland. By the Right Honourable Charles Earl Stanhope, F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, Feb. 15, 1787
rights of juries defended, The : together with authorities of law in support of those reights and the objections to Mr. Fox's libel bill refuted
speech of Earl Stanhope in the House of Peers on his motion to acknowledge the French Republic, January the twenty-third, 1794., The
Substance of Earl Stanhope's speech, delivered from the chair, at a meeting of citizens, at the Crown and Anchor, on the 4th of February 1795 To celebrate the happy event of the late trials, for supposed high treason; and published at the request of the meeting. Also the resolutions of the meeting: and the toasts. Together with an appendix, By Earl Stanhope, respecting the trial by jury.