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Ailo, Thorny
Aquaticus, Mercurius
Aylo, Thorny
Blower, Aminadab
I. T
J. T, John Taylor
Jo-Ta, John Taylor
Make-peace, Mary (Pseudonym)
Mercurius Aquaticus
One that hath drunk at S. Patrick's well
Roily, Anth
Swan of the Thames
T. I
T. J, John Taylor
Tailor, John
Tayler, John
Taylor, Iohn
Taylor, John
Taylor, John ((poet))
Taylour, John
Water Poet
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Beaumont, Francis (1584-1616)
Brathwaite, Richard (1588?-1673)
Edwards, Henry (active 17th century.)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Hackluyt, John
Hexham, Henry (1580?-1658)
Heywood, Thomas (d. 1641.)
M. P (1656?))
Moryson, Fynes (1566-1630)
Waelpot, Jan Pietersz Delft, 1621-1658
Watermen's Company (London, England)
All the workes of Iohn Taylor the water-poet ...
All the workes of John Taylor the water-poet
All the works of John Taylor the water poet
alphabet of English inn signs, based on the travels and circular perambulation of John Taylor, the 'water poet,', An
anatomy of the Separatists, alias, Brownists, the factious brethren in these times, The : wherein this seditious sect is fairely dissected and perspicuously discovered to the view of world : with the strange hub-bub and formerly unheard of hurly-burly, which those phanatick and fastastick schismaticks made on Sunday in the afternoone, being the 8 of May in the parish of S. Olaves in the Old-Jury at the sermon of the Right Rev. Father in God, Henry, Bishop of Chichester, in the presence of the Right Honorable the Lord Major of this renowned metropolis and diverse worthy members of the House of Commons.
anatomy of the Seperatists. -, The
Answer to a Foolish Pamphlet entituled a swarme of Sectaries & Schismaticks ..., An
answer to the rattle-heads. - 1641[2], The
apology for private preaching. - [1642], An
apprentices advice to the XII. bishops. -, The
armies letanie, imploring the blessing of God on the present proceedings of the armie, The
Beschrijving van den ouden, ouden, heel ouden man: ofte Den ouderdom ende 't leven van Thomas Parr.
Beschrijvingh van den ouden, ouden, heel ouden man: ofte Den ouderdom ende 't leven van Thomas Parr.
Bible., The
booke of martyrs., The
brief relation of the gleanings. -, A
Briefe description of the ridiculous fashions of these distracted times
Briefe rememberance of all the English monarchs. [from old catalog]
Brownists conventicle. -, The
carriers cosmographie, The : innes, hosteries, and other lodgings in and neere London
carriers cosmography, The : innes, hosteries, and other lodgings in and neere London
Cesta do Čech
Character of a prelaticall man affecting great heighths
common whore with all these graces grac'd ..., A
Description of the Round-head and rattle-head., A
Devils new creature
dialogue, or rather, A parley betweene Prince Ruperts dogge whose name is Puddle and Tobies dog whose name is Pepper, &c., A : whereunto is added the challeng which Prince Griffins dogg called Towzer hath sent to Prince Ruperts dogg Puddle in the behalfe of honest Pepper, Tobies dog; moreover the said Prince Griffin is newly gone to Oxford to lay the wager and to make up the match.
discovery of a swarme of seperatists, or, a leathersellers sermon. Being a most true and exact relation of the tumultuous combustion in Fleet-street last Sabboth day being the 29. of Decem. truly describing how Burboon a letherseller had a conventicle of Brownists met at his house that day about the number of an hundred and fifty, who preached there himselfe about five houres in the afternoone. Shewing likewise how they were discovered, and what meanes, as also how the constable scattered their nest, and of the great tumult in the street. With another relation of a sermon, that prophet Hunt preached in St. Pulchers Church the same day aforesaid, making another combustion in the said parish, with a description of that sermon, which he preached in Westminster-hall not long since, with a relation also of that, which he would have preached in the Old Exchange., The
diseases of the times ..., The
dog of war, A
Drinke and welcome, or, The famous historie of the most part of drinks in use now in the kingdomes of Great Brittaine and Ireland with an especiall declaration of the potency, vertue, and operation of our English ale, with a description of all sorts of waters ..., as also the causes of all sorts of weather
Early prose and poetical works of John Taylor, the water poet : (1580-1653)
eighth vvonder of the vvorld, or Coriats escape from his supposed drowning. With his safe arriuall and entertainment at the famous citty of Constantinople; and also how hee was honourably knighted with a sword of King Priams. With the manner of his proceeding in his peregrination through the Turkish territories towards the antient memorable citty of Ierusalem. By Iohn Taylor., The
Eighth wonder of the world, or Coriats escape from his supposed drowning
Emblems of these distracted times
Famous historie of the most part of drinks in use now in the kingdomes of Great Brittaine and Ireland.
Great Britaine, all in blacke. For the incomparable losse of Henry, our late worthy prince.
great O Toole ..., The
Humble petition of the antient overseers, rulers, and assistants of the Company of Watermen.
Iohn Taylor being yet unhanged sends greeting to Iohn Booker that hanged him lately in a picture, in a traiterous, slanderous, and foolish London pamphlet called A cable-rope double-twisted
Leathersellers sermon
letter from Rhoan in France, A
liar, or A contradiction to those who in the titles of their bookes affirmed them to be true, when they were false although mine are all true, yet I terme them lyes, The
Love one another : a tub lecture
Mad fashions, od fashions, all out of fashions, or, The emblems of these distracted times.
Mercurius Aquaticus his answer to Britanicus
Mercurius Aquaticus, or, The vvater-poets ansvver to all that hath or shall be writ by Mercurius Britanicus. Ex omni ligno non fit Mercurius
Mercurius Britanicus: communicating the affaires of Great Britaine: for the better information of the people
Mercurius melancholicus, or, Newes from Westminster and other parts
old, old. Dutch, The
old, old, very old man or, the age and long life of Thomas Parr, the son of John Parr of Winnington, in the parish of Alberbury, in the county of Salop, ... who was born in the reign of King Edward IV. being aged 152 years ... Written by John Taylor., The
old, old, very old man or, the age and long life of Thomas Parr, ... who was born in the reign of King Edward the fourth, and is now living in the Strand, being aged one hundred and fifty-two years and odd months: ... Written by John Taylor., The
pedlar and a Romish priest in a very hot discourse, full of mirth, truth, wit, folly, and plain-dealing, A
Portraits already used in Taylor's Brief remembrance ... 1621.
praise of hemp-seed, The : with the voyage of Mr Roger Bird and the writer hereof, in a boat of brown paper, from London to Quineborough in Kent
Preparative to studie, or, The vertue of sack, A
Preparative to study
Roger the Canterburian, that cannot say grace for his meat, with a low-crown'd hat before his face. Or the character of a prelaticall man affecting great heighths. Newly written, by G.T.
Salvator mundi
sculler rowing from Tiber to Thames., The
scvller rowing from Tiber to Thames
shilling or, The trauailes of twelue-pence., A
Shilling or, The travailes of twelve-pence
Short relation of a journey through Wales, 1859.
Sir Gregory Nonsence, his newes from no place ...
Some small and simple reasons delivered in a hollow-tree in Waltham Forrest in a lecture on the 33. of March last
Some small and simple reasons, delivered in a hollow-tree, iu [sic] Waltham Forrest, in a lecture, on the 33. of March last.
Stripping, vvhipping, and pumping. Or, The five mad shavers of Drury-Lane; strangely acted, and truely related. Done in the period, latter end, tayle, or rumpe of the dogged dogge-dayes, last past, August. 1638. Together with the names of the severall parties which were actors in this foule businesse.
Stripping, whipping, and pumping. Or, The five mad shavers of Drury-Lane
Superbiae flagellum, or, the whip of pride.
Supposed caricatures of the Droeshout portrait of Shakespeare
Taylors arithmeticke, from one to twelve.
Taylors Physicke has purged the Divel ...
Thumb Bible
To the honour of Otoole
To the right honorable assembly, the lords, knights, esquires, and burgesses of the honorable House of Commons in Parliament. The humble petition of the antient overseers, rulers, and assistants of the Company of Watermen wherein is shewed how intollerably they have been abused and slandered ... by divers refractory and abusive watermen who have mislead many others to their faction
Trauels of twelue-pence
Travailes of twelve-pence
Travels of twelve-pence
Travels through Stuart Britain : the adventures of John Taylor, the water poet
Verbum sempiternum [from old catalog]
Vertue of sack
Wandering to see the wonders of the West. Facsimile of edition of 1873 in 'The old book collector's miscellany,'
Water-poets answer to all that hath or shall be writ by Mercurius Britanicus
whole life and progresse of Henry Walker the ironmonger first, the manner of his conversation, secondly, the severall offences and scandalons [sic] pampehlets [sic] the said Walker hath writ, and for which he is now a prisoner in New-Gate, thirdly, the forme of the inditement which is laid against him ..., fourthly, his conviction by the jury, fiftly, his recantation ..., The : here are also many remarkable passages concerning the offence and apprehending the said Henry Walker
Whole Life and Progresse of Henry Walker the Ironmonger ... with a true Relation of his severall escapes and rescues from the hands of Justice, etc., The
Works of John Taylor, the Water-Poet, comprised in the folio edition of 1630.
Works of John Taylor, the Water Poet, not included in the folio volume of 1630.
world turn'd upside down: or, A briefe description of the ridiculous fashions of these distracted times., The
Worlds eighth wonder