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Blossom, Jerry
Dan Emmett
Decatur Emmett, Daniel
Dixie (Jr)
Emmett, D. D.
Emmett, Dan
Emmett, Dan D.
Emmett, Daniel D.
Emmett, Daniel Decatur
Emmit, D. D.
Emmit, Daniel Decatur
Jerry Blossom
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Bull, John (1562-1628)
Damon, Samuel Foster (1893-1971)
French, D. A.
Gaskin, George J.
Key, Francis Scott (1779-1843)
Smith, John Stafford (1750-1836)
Tompkins, R.
Tucker, Henry
Wallace, J. C.
Work, Henry Clay (1832-1884)
All aboard to can the Kaiser : a hiking song for our sammies across the water
America's battle cry : (to the tune of "Dixie")
Annie Laurie
Auld lang syne
Ben bolt
black brigade., The
contrack or Down de Reach-Low farm., De
Cradle song
Dixey's land, 1860?:
Dixey's Land. Arranged for the piano.
Dixie, 1977:
Dixie's land
drummer's and fifer's guide, or, Self-instructor, The : containing a plain and easy introduction of the rudimental principles for the drum and fife : to which are added, marches, quicksteps, side-beats, troops, retreats, signals, calls, &c., with explanatory remarks, when to be used, also, the duty for garrison or camp, to be performed by both instruments, as used in the U.S. Army, the drum major's duty, the fundamental principles of modern drum music, beats for drum corps, &c., &c.
fine old colored gentleman, 18--:, The
Greenbacks, 1863:
Greenbacks. New song for the times
High Daddy. The famous song written and composed expressly for Bryant's Minstrels of New York
Home sweet home
I'm glad I live in Dixie
I'm going home to Dixie. Sequel to the famous song Dixie's Land.
last rose of summer, The
Little-boy blue, come
Loch Lomond
Long, long ago
loreley, The
lost chord, The
Mac, will win the Union back.
maple leaf for ever, The
Marseillaise, The
meeting of the waters, The
midship mite, The
mou-lee flower, The
mountaineer, The
My country ! 'tis of thee
My life is like the summer rose
My old aunt Sally
My old Kentucky home
Not a sparrow falleth
Oft in the stilly-night
Old black Joe
Old Dan Tucker
Old folks at home
Old home melodies [à 2 v. et piano, 3 et 4 v.]
Old hundred
old oaken bucket, The
On the teaching of singing and the singer's art
original Dixey's land., The
Our sorrow is vain
Palm branches
Pays de mon souvenir, du film "Dodge City" (Les Conquérants), sur les motifs de "Dixie" de Emmett. Paroles françaises de Charles Dorat. Chant et piano
piano and how to play it, The
Polly, put the kettle on
quitting party, The
Ride a cock-horse
Road to Richmond:
Robin Aclair
Robin Adair
Rocked in the cradle of the deep
Sally in our alley
Sicilian song
Simple Simon met a pieman
Soft, soft music is stealing
Soldier's farewell
Songs of the Virginny banjoist. A collection of celebrated negro melodies
Spanish gipsy, The
star spagled banner Severoanmer hymna, The
star-spangled banner., The
"Striking ile."
Sweet and low [bis]
Swing low, sweet chariot
sword of Bunker hill, The
Taffy was a Welshman
Tenting on the old camp ground
Then you'll remember me
There was and old woman
Those evening bells ! [bis]
Three cheers for our Jack Morgan, 1864:
Three cheers for our Jack Morgan! A camp song ...
tiszian, The
Tom, Tom, the piper's son
Turkey in de straw.
Twilight dews
U. G. S. A song for the times. ...
U.S.A. forever : patriotic song
U.S.A. forever : "the new Dixie"
Walk along, John
wearing of the green, The
Weel may the keel row
When stars are in the quiet skies
When the swallows homeward fly
White sand and grey sand
Who is Sylvia
wish I was in Dixie's land. -, I
wish I was in Dixie; song, I
wish I was in Dixies land, I : sung by Mrs. John Wood
Won't you tell me why, Robin ?