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Moncieff, W. T.
Moncreiff, William Thomas
Moncrief, William Thomas
Moncrieff, W. T.
Moncrieff, William George Thomas
Moncrieff, William George Thomas (pseudonym)
Moncrieff, William Gibbs Thomas
Moncrieff, William T.
Moncrieff, William Thomas
Thomas, William Thomas
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Language material
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Alexandre, Mons (1796-1864)
Barnett, John (1802-1890)
Daniel, George (1789-1864)
Fowler, Ralph S.
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Jones, Don
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Roadside Theatre (Organization : Washington, D.C.)
Smith, John Rubens (1775-1849)
Taylor, John (1757-1832. [from old catalog])
actors monument, The
Adventures of a ventriloquist : or, The rogueries of Nicholas, an entirely new comic, characteristic, vocalic, mimitic, multiformical, maniloquous, ubiquitarical entertainment, in three parts, as embodied, illustrated, and delivered by Monsieur Alexandre ... at the Adelphi Theatre, Strand
adventures of a ventriloquist, or, The rogueries of Nicholas, The : containing the following entertainment, so successfully performed by Mons. Alexandre, at the Adelphi Theatre, Strand, and with signal approbation before most of the crowned heads and princes of Europe.
brilliant songster..., The
Eugene Aram, or Saint Robert's cave, a drama in 3 acts...
fiancé spectre ou Le revenant malgré lui, Le
Giovanni in London, 18--?
Joconde, 18--:
Memoirs of Charles Mathews, 1838:
Monsieur Tonson. A popular farce, in two acts:
"My father land" : the admired Tyrolienne sung by Miss Woodward
Poems, by W. T. Moncrieff
Rochester; or, King Charles the Second's merry days: a burletta, in three acts. As performed at the Olympic new theatre ...
Rochester, or, King Charles the Second's merry ways, 1819:
Rogueries of Nicholas
Sam Weller, or, The Pickwickians. A drama, in three acts ...
sealed well., The
secret:, The
Spectre bridegroom, or a Ghost in spite of himself, a farce, in two acts, by W. T. Moncrieff,..., The
Tom and Jerry
Wanted a wife; or, A checque on my banker, a comedy, in five acts: as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane ...