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Canda, Ramā Prasāda
Canda, Ramāprasāda
Chanda, Ram Prasad
Chanda, Rama Prasad
Chanda, Ramaprasad
Ram Prasad Chanda
Rama Prasad Chanda
Ramā Prasāda Canda
Ramaprasad Chanda
Ramāprasāda Canda
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Archaeological Survey of India
Kak, Ram Chandra
Kuraishi, Mohammad Hamid
Majumdar, Jatindra Kumar
Marshall, John (1876-1958)
Marshall, John Hubert (1876-1958)
Museum of Archaeology at Sanchi
Rāma Candra Kāka
Rammohun Roy, raja (1772?-1833)
Varendra Research Society
Archaeology and Vaishnava tradition
beginnings of art ... 1978, The
beginnings of the art in eastern India, with special reference to sculptures in the Indian Museum, Calcutta, The
Bhanja dynasty of Mayurbhanj and their ancient capital Khiching
Catalogue of the Museum of Archaeology at Sanchi, Bhopal State
Dates of the votive inscriptions on the stupas at Sanchi
Exploration in Orissa. -
Indo-Aryan races; a study of the origin of Indo-Aryan people and institutions., The
Indus Valley in the vedic period. -, The
Itihāse Bāṅgālī, 1981:
letters and documents relating to the life of raja rammohan roy
Medieval Indian sculpture in the British Museum
Mūrti o mandira
Raja Rammohun Roy, letters and documents
Selections from official letters and documents relating to the life of Raja Rammohun Roy. Raja Rammohun Roy, letters and documents, 1987:
Selections from official letters and documents relating to the life of Raja Rammohun Roy, v. 1, 1791-1830.
Sind five thousand years ago
Survival of the prehistoric civilisation of the Indus valley. -
Survival of the prehistoric civilization of the Indus Valley