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Colquhoun, P.
Colquhoun, Patrick
Colquhoun, Patrick Mac Chombaich de
Country magistrate
De Colquhoun, Patrick Mac Chombaich
MacChombaich de Colquhoun, Patrick
Magistrate, A
Magistrate acting for the counties of Middlesex, Surry Kent, and Essex
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Chalmers, George (1742-1825))
Colquhoun, Patrick (1745-1820))
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
Mawman, Joseph
Mawman, Joseph (Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Volkmann, J.W.
Volkmann, Johann Wilhelm
Account of a meat and soup charity, established in the metropolis, in the year 1797 with observations relative to the situation of the poor, and on the means of bettering the condition of the labouring people with regard to food, and of increasing their comforts in other respects, by a more frugal mode of living, particularly in the city of london, and its environs
Account of the rise, progress and present state of the charity school for the education of boys in the parish of saint leonard, shoreditch, in the county of middlesex
Case of the British merchants who traded to America previous to the late war with propositions for ... putting on public record, the whole bona fide claims ... secured and guaranteed to real British subjects, by the treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States ; with observations on the means of rendering the just claims
Case relative to the proposed system of interchange of British manufactures with Ireland
Considerations on the means of affording profitable employment to the redundant population of Great Britain and Ireland through the medium of an improved and correct system of colonization in the British territories in Southern Africa
Considerations relative to a plan of relief for the cotton manufactury by the establishment of a general hall ... for the sale by auction ... of the British cotton goods, of similar fabrics with those imported from India, explaining the advantages ... to which is added supplementary queries and an appendix
containi*. -
Epitome of a scheme of financepire
General view of the causes and existence of frauds, embezzlements, peculations and plunder of his majesty's stores in the dock yards and other public repositories and in the naval department in general with remedies humbly suggested for the purpose of preventing these evils and abuses
General view of the depredations committed on west-india and other property in the port of london, the partial remedies which have been successfully applied in suppressing these evils and the measures proposed for rendering them permanent and effectual
Hafenpolizey ...
Important crisis, in the callico and muslin manufactory in great britain, explained
Important national question, shortly stated, relative to a principle of legislation, introduced into the present corn bill
Minutes of evidence taken before a Select Committee appointed by the House of Commons to inquire into the state of the police of the Metropolis : with notes, observations, and a preface, by a magistrate of the County of Middlesex.
New and appropriate system of education for the labouring people elucidated and explained, according to the plan which has been established for the religious and moral instruction of male and female children, admitted into the free school, no. 19, orchard street, in the city of westminster; containing an exposition of the nature and importance of the design, as it respects the general interest of the community: with details, explanatory of the particular economy of the institution, and the methods prescribed for the purpose of securing and preserving a greater degree of moral rectitude, as a means of preventing criminal offences by habits of temperance, industry, subordination, and loyalty, among that useful class of the community, comprising the labouring people of england. to which are added, concluding observations, on the importance of extending the system generally, under the aid and sanction of the legislature
Observations and facts relative to public houses in the city of London and its environs humbly submitted to the consideration of His Majesty's ministers and of magistrates in every part of Great Britain
Observations and facts relative to public houses interesting to magistrates in every part of Great Britain, to the clergy and parochial officers and generally to brewers, distillers, proprietors and occupiers of licensed ale-houses, as well as to the public at large
Observations relative to the resources of the East India Company for productive remittance and the national loss occasioned by the importation of the same species of cotton goods which can be manufactured in Great Britain
Plan for the purpose of affording extensive relief to the poor, by raising a moderate sum of money by subscription, to be laid out in redeeming the property of honest, industrious families, which they have recently been compelled to pledge, for the purpose of obtaining the necessaries of life, while unable to support themselves during the late severe weather
Polizey von London
Russian despotism and ruthlessness as disclosed in authentic documents
Short representation of facts and circumstances relative to the suffering and losses of the merchants residing in great britain, who carried on trade with the united states of america, previous to the late war
Strong reasons for the continuance of the property tax to which is added, an estimate of the national income, recently made by Patrick Colquhoun
Suggestions offered to the consideration of the public and in particular to the more opulent classes of the community, for the purpose of reducing the consumption of bread corn and relieving at the same time the labouring people by substitution of other cheap, wholesome and nourishing food ; and especially by means of soup establishments, &c
summary of the Roman civil law, illustrated by commentaries on and parallels from the Mosaic, Canon, Mohammedan, English and foreign law, with an appendix, map, and general index, A
Thoughts on the repeal of the statute made in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of King Edward VI, 1800:
Traité sur la police de Londres contenant le détail des crimes et délits qui se commettent dans cette capitale, et indiquant les moyens de les prévenir
Treatise on the commerce and police of the river thames containing an historical view of the trade of the port of london and suggesting means for preventing the depredations thereon by a legislative system of river police : with an account of the functions of the various magistrates and corporations exercising jurisdiction on the river and a general view of the penal and remedial statutes connected with the subject
Treatise on the functions and duties of a constable containing details and observations interesting to the public as they relate to the corruption of morals and the protection of the peaceful subject against penal and criminal offences
Treatise on the police of the metropolis containing a detail of the various crimes and misdemeanors by which public and private property and security are, at present, injured and endangered: and suggesting remedies for their prevention
Treatise on the police of the metropolis explaining the various crimes and misdemeanors which at present are felt as a pressure upon the community and suggesting remedies for their prevention
Treatise on the wealth, power and resources of the british empire : in every quarter of the world, including the east indies; the rise and progress of the funding system explained
Über Londons Polizey in Bezug auf Verbesserungen und Verhütungsmittel der Verbrechen etc.
Ueber den Wohlstand, die Macht und Hülfsquellen des brittischen Reichs in jedem Theile der Welt, Ostindien eingeschlossen : mit Erklärung des Ursprungs und Fortschritt des Fundirungs-Systems : nebst Bemerkungen über die Hülfsquellen des Staats zur nützlichen Beschäftigung einer überflüssigen Bevölkerung ct. : erläutert durch zahlreiche statistische Tabellen, nach einem neun Plan entworfen, welche eine gedrängte Uebersicht der in diesem Werke erörterten verschiedenen Gegenstände geben.
Useful suggestions favourable to the comfort of the labouring people, and of decent housekeepers explaining how a small income may be made to go far in a family, so as to occasion a considerable saving in the article of bread : a circumstance of great importance to be known at the present juncture