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Thurston, R. H.
Thurston, Robert H.
Thurston, Robert Henry
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writer of accompanying material
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[Chesebrough, Robert Augustus] (1837- [from old catalog])
Carnot, Hippolyte (1801-1888)
Carnot, Sadi (1796-1832)
Cornell University Affiliation (see also from)
Du Bois, A. Jay (1849-1915)
Du Bois, Augustus Jay (1849-1915)
Hirsch, Joseph
Jarry, N.
Stevens Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Van der Weyde, P. H. (1813-1895)
Van der Weyde, Peter Henri (1813-1895)
Vanderweyde, P. H.
Weyrauch, Jakob Johann (1845-1917)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Abstract of statement of the extent and character of the work of the United States board appointed to test iron, steel, and other metals.
animal as a machine and a prime motor, and the laws of energetics., the
Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution showing the operations, expenditures, and condition of the Institution to July, 1896:
centennial history of the american society of mechanical engineers, 1880-1980, a
Century's progress of the steam engine, by Dr. R. H. Thurston..., A
development of the philosophy of the steam-engine. an historical sketch, the
efficiency of furnaces burning wet fuel
Efficiency of steam engines and conditions of economy.
Études sur le frottement, le graissage des machines et les lubrifiants, détermination des lois et des coefficients de frottement par de nouvelles méthodes et au moyen de nouveaux appareils, par Robert H. Thurston,... Traduction par M. B., revue et annotée par M. N. Jarry,...
experimental steam boiler explosions
Friction and lost work in machinery and millwork
Friction and lubrication, determinations of the laws and co-efficients of friction by new methods and with new apparatus, by Robert H. Thurston,...
Friction and lubrication, determinations of the laws and coëfficients of friction by new methods and with new apparatus.
h. b. m. iron clad monarch
Heat as a form of energy.
Histoire de la machine à vapeur
history of stevens institute of technology: a record of broad-based curricula and technogenesis
history of the growth of the steam engine, a
Inland transportation : keeping the canals open for navigation during the winter season through the agency of artificial heat : opinion of professor R.H. Thurston ... : opinion of professor P.H. Vanderweyde ...
iron manufactures in great britain
manual of steam-boilers: their design, construction, and operation ..., A
manual of the steam-engine. for engineers and technical schools; advanced courses., a
Manuel pratique des essais de machines et chaudières à vapeur, par Robert H. Thurston,... traduit de l'anglais par Auguste Roussel,...
materials of engineering., The
mechanical engineer in america, 1830-1910: professional cultures in conflict
mechanical engineer, The : his preparation and his work : an address to the graduating class of the Stevens Institute of Technology
mechanical engineers in america born prior to 1861: a biographical dictionary
On a new method of detecting overstrain in iron and other metals, and of its application in the investigations of the causes of accidents to bridges and other constructions.
On a new type of steam engine, theoretically capable of utilizing the full mechanical equivalent of heat energy, and on some points in theory indicating its practicability. Presented at the Nashville Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1877
on losses of propelling power in the paddle wheel
Reflections on the motive power of heat and on machines fitted to develop this power
Report of the United States Board appointed to test iron, steel and other metals.
report on test trials of steam boilers
Reports of the commissioners of the United States to the International exhibition... at Vienna, 1873...
Robert Fulton: his life and its results
Stationary steam engines, simple and compound; especially as adapted to electric lighting purposes.
Stationary steam engines, simple and compound; especially as adapted to light and power plants.
Steam boiler explosions, in theory and in pactice;
Steam-boiler explosions, in theory and practice.
steam engines of the french navy
Strength and determination of the dimensions of structures of iron and steel with reference to the latest investigations ...
Text-book of the materials of construction, for use in technical and engineering schools. Abridged from "Materials of engineering", by Robert H. Thurston,..., A
traction engines and road locomotives
Traité de la machine à vapeur, par Robert H. Thurston,... traduit de l'anglais, annoté et précédé d'une introduction par Maurice Demoulin...
Treatise on friction and lost work in machinery and millwork, by Robert H. Thurston,..., A
Vienna. International exhibition, 1873. Report on machinery and manufactures, with an account of European manufacturing districts, by Robert H. Thurston,...