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Sitong, Zhuliyesi
Stone, Jules
Stone, Julius,
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Belshaw, Horace (1898-1962)
Bureau of international research, Harvard University and Radcliffe College
Harttung, Arnold
International Law Association. Australian Branch
Israel Academic Committee on the Middle East
Law School of Harvard University
League of Nations Union of New Zealand
Schoch, Magdalena
Simpson, Sidney Post
Stanford University Press
Tammelo, Ilmar (1917-1982)
Aggression and world order; a critique of United Nations theories of aggression.
approaches to the notion of international justice
atlantic charter: new worlds for old, the
Australian studies in legal philosophy
Cases and readings on law and society in three books
Colonial trusteeship in transition
Conflict through consensus : United Nations approaches to aggression
Early horizons of justice in the West
eichmann trial and the rule of law, the
Fa lü de zong he wei du, 2013:
Human law and human justice, by Julius Stone
international court and world crisis, the
International guarantees of minority rights, 1932.
International guarantees of minority rights procedure of the council of the league of national in theory and practice
international guarantees of minority rights: procedure of the council of the league of nations in theory and practice
International law and the Arab-Israel conflict : extracts from "Israel and Palestine, assault on the law of nations"
israel and palestine: an assault on the law of nations
Julius Stone, 1992:
Julius Stone : a bio-bibliography including "Trends in jurisprudence in the second half century," an unpublished speech [by Julius Stone] presented 24 March 1967 at the University of Texas School of Law
Law and policy in the quest for survival; six lectures broadcast by the ABC in November and December, 1960.
Law and society in evolution
law and the social sciences in the second half century
Law governing the passing of property under a pre-nuptial contract, according to the English and American Cases
Law in modern democratic society
Law, totalitarianism and democracy
Legal change : essays in honour of Julius Stone
Legal controls of international conflict a treatise on the dynamics of dispute- and war-law
Legal controls of international conflict : a treatise on the dynamics of disputes-and war-law
Legal education and public responsibility; report and analysis of the Conference on the Education of Lawyers for Their Public Responsibilities, 1956, the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Legal system and lawyers' reasoning
Legal system and lawyers' reasonings, by Julius Stone
legal system and lawyers' reasonings, the
Lehrbuch der Rechtssoziologie
Middle East under cease-fire; notes on the legal position before the Security Council in October, 1967., The
New Zealand view of the war and peace aims in the Pacific., A
No peace-no war in the Middle East : legal problems of the first year
November resolution on the Middle East - pitfall or guidepost?, The : text of a lecture given in Jerusalem
numerus clausus in the universities of Eastern Europe, The : written for the Inter-University Jewish Federation of Great Britain and Ireland
Of law and nations between power politics and human hopes
Peace and the Palestinians
Philosophie der Menschenrechte und der Grundrechte des Staatsbürgers : Vorträge des IVR-Kongresses 1963 in Istanbul
Philosophy of human-rights and the rights of the citizen
Power politics and human hopes.
precedent and law: the dynamics of common law growth
Programme for peace
Province and function of law, law as logic justice and social control, a study in jurisprudence, by Julius Stone,..., The
Quest for survival : the role of law and foreign policy
recent trends in english precedent, with a comparative introduction on the civil law
Recht und Aussenpolitik
Regional guarantees of minority rights, a study of minorities procedure in Upper Silesia, by Julius Stone,...
Research for advancement of peace : a check-list of programme choices
self-determination and the palestinian arabs
Social dimensions of law and justice, by Julius Stone
soviet jewry
"stand up and be counted!" an open letter to the right honourable sir isaac isaacs pc, gcmgm, on the occasional of the twenty-sixth anniversary of the jewish national home
Text of a lecture given in Jerusalem
toward a feasible international criminal court
um zu überleben... : Recht und Aussenpolitik
Visions of world order : between state power and human justice
בעיות משפטיות הנובעות מניהול השטחים המוחזקים
Conflict of Laws Thesis--Law School of Harvard University, 1932