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John Smeaton
Smeaton, John
Smeaton, John (British civil engineer, 1724-1792)
Smeaton, John (Mr)
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Experimental enquiry concerning the natural powers of wind and water to turn mills and other machines depending on a circular motion : And An experimental examination of the quantity and proportion of mechanic power necessary to be employed in giving different degrees of velocity to heavy bodies from a state of rest. Also New fundamental experiments upon the collision of bodies. With five plates of machines
narrative of the building and a description of the construction of the Edystone Lighthouse with stone To which is subjoined, an appendix, giving some account of the lighthouse on the spurn point, built upon a sand. By John Smeaton, civil engineer, F.R.S., A
second report of John Smeaton, engineer, and F.R.S. Touching the practicability and expence of making a navigable canal from the river Forth to the river Clyde, and thereby joining the East Sea to the west, for vessels of greater burden, and draught of water, than those which were the subject of his first report. With a plan of the canal. Addressed to the noblemen and gentlemen subscribers for carrying the said canal into execution., The
Tracts on hydraulics