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Author of Sot's paradise
Author of the Cavalcade
Author of The humours of a coffee-house
Author of the London-spy
Author of The poet's ramble after riches
Author of The step to the bath
Author of the Trip to Jamaica
Cavalcade, Author of the
Humours of a coffee-house, Author of the
London-spy, Author of the
Poet's ramble after riches, Author of the
Sot's paradise, Author of the
Step to the bath, Author of the
Trip to Jamaica, Author of the
Ward, Edward
Ward, Ned
Whore at Tunbridge
ウォード, ネッド
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Brown, Thomas (1663-1704)
Felltham, Owen ca1604-ca1667
Le Sage, George Louis (1676-1759)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Morphew, John
Ogle, George (1704-1746)
R, C.
S.n. (S.l.)
Straus, Ralph (1882-1950)
Wren, John (173.?-17.. libraire)
渡辺, 孔二 (1937-)
(1706) - a controversial account of the [[royal navy]].*
, 1707)*
collection of historical and state poems, satyrs, songs, and epigrams, A : being the fifth volume of miscellanies : consisting of the following poems ... : in all seventy odd poems, besides some prose
Compleat and humorous account of all the remarkable clubs and societies in the cities of London and Westminster, A ; ed. by Paul Hyland, 1993
dancing devils., The
delights of the bottle, or, The compleat vintner, 1720:, The
diverting muse, or, The universal medly, The
ecclesia et factio
fourth volume of the writings of the author of the London-spy, The : prose and verse.
History of the London clubs, The
Hudibras redivivus: or, A burlesque poem on the times.
legacy for the ladies or, Characters of the women of the age, A
Letter to my Lord******* on the present diversions of the town. 1974
London-spy compleat in eighteen-parts, 1703:, The
London-spy, The : compleat, in eighteen parts
London spy; the vanities and vices of the town exposed to view, The
Mars stript of his armour:
Merry travellers
Miscellaneous writings in verse and prose both serious and comical, containing twenty one excellent poems upon very diverting subjects, also several pleasant letters upon various occasions both in town and country, with merry observations and predictions upon every month and every remarkable day throughout the year, by Mr. Edward Ward. Vol. II. The 3rd edition
Modern religion and ancient loyalty : a dialogue.
More priestcrast: being a new whip for an old whore, or, A Protestant scourge for a popish jacket. A poem
Nuptial dialogues and debates; or, An useful prospect of the felicities and discomforts of a marry'd life, incident to all degrees, from the throne to the cottage ...
poet's ramble after riches, the
poetical entertainer: or, Tales, satyrs, dialogues, and intrigues, &c. serious and comical, The
satyr against wine. With a poem in praise of small beer. Written by a gentleman in a fever; occasion'd by hard drinking. Publish'd for the benefit of all Her Majesty's good subjects; to prevail with them, to avoid supporting the publick oppressor of mankind, the implacable tyrant of France, A
second volume of the writings of the author of the London-spy, 2nd ed., 1704:, The
secret history of the Calves-Head Club, compleat: or, The republican unmask'd Wherein is fully shewn, the religion of the Calves-Head heroes, in their anniversary thanksgiving-songs on the thirtieth of January, by them called anthems, for the year 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696, 1697, 1698, 1699, &c. With reflections thereupon. Now published to demonstrate the restless, implacable spirit of a certain party still among us, who are never to be satisfy'd, till the present establishment in church and state, is subverted. The sixth edition, with large improvements; and a description of the Calves-Head-Club, curiously engrav'd on a copper plate. To which is annex'd, a vindication of the royal martyr, King Charles the First. Wherein are laid open, the republicans mysteries of rebellion. Written in the time of the usurpation, by the celebrated Mr. Butler, author of Hudibras. With a character of a presbyterian, written by Sir John Denham, knight. And the character of a modern whigh; or, The republican in fashion., The
secret history of the Calves-Head Club, complt. or, The Republican unmask'd, The : wherein is fully shewn, the religion of the Calves-Head heroes in their anniversary thansgiving songs on the 30th of January, by them called anthems, for the years 1693-99 ... with reflections thereupon [...]
sot's paradise
south-sea ballad: or, Merry remarks upon Exchange-Alley bubbles. To a new tune, call'd the grand elixir, or the philosopher's stone discover'd, A
Tipling philosophers
trip to Holland, being a description of the country, people and manners: as also some select observations on Amsterdam, A
trip to islington, a
trip to jamaica, a
trip to New-England, A : with a character of the country and people, both English and Indians.
trip to sadler's wells, a
wandering spy: or The merry travellers A trip upon ten-toes, from Moorfields to Bromley. An humorous poem. The third edition. Part I. By the author of The cavalcade., The
wandring spy, or, The merry observator, The : consisting of the following familiar poems, viz. ... : being the sixth volume of miscellanies by Ed. Ward.
weekly comedy, as it is dayly acted at most coffee-houses in london' (1699; reworked and republished as, the
Weekly comedy (London, England : 1699)
whigs unmask'd: being the secret history of the Calf's-Head-Club Shewing the rise and progress of that infamous society since the Grand Rebellion. Containing all the treasonable songs and ballads, sung as anthems by those saints, at their king-killing anniversaries. Much enlarg'd and improv'd by a genuine account of all the plots and conspiracies of the whiggish faction against the Queen and ministry, since the persecution of the church under the disguise of moderation. With animadversions in prose and verse. Adorn'd with cuts suitable to every particular design. To which are added, several characters by Sir John Denbam, and other valuable authors. Also a vindication of the Royal Martyr, King Charles the first; wherein are expos'd, the hellish mysteries of the old republican rebellion. By Mr. Butler, author of Hudibras., The
whigs unmask'd: or, the history of the Calf's-Head-Club farther expos'd In a full account of the rise and progress of that impious society, since their horrid rebellion in forty-one. With all the treasonable ballads, sung by the villanous Whigs, as anthems, on the xxxth of January. Much enlarg'd, by an impartial account of all the plots and conspiracies form'd by the low-church faction, against the Queen and present ministry. With animadversions in prose and verse. Adorn'd with curious cuts, by the best hands. To which are added, several characters by that most ingenious poet, Sir John Denham. And the hellish mysteries of the old republicans, set forth in vindication of King Charles the First, by Mr. Samuel Butler, author of Hudthras., The
world bewitched, the
ロンドン・スパイ : 都市住民の生活探訪