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Brinton, D. G.
Brinton, Daniel G.
Brinton, Daniel Garrison
Garrison Brinton, Daniel
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Díaz Gebuta Quej, Francisco (16th century)
Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection (Library of Congress)
Mántica, Carlos (1935-...)
Morris, Charles Smith
Napheys, George H. (1842-1876)
Napheys, George Henry (1842-1876. [from old catalog])
Napheys, George Henry (1842-1876)
Rafinesque, C. S. (1783-1840)
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel (1783-1840)
Rig Veda
Schmeltz, J.D.E. (1839-1909)
Schmeltz, Johannes Diederich Eduard (1839-1909)
Steinwehr, Adolph Wilhelm August Friedrich von (1822-1877)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Aboriginal American authors and the productions;
Aboriginal American authors and their productions.
Address delivered on Columbus day, Oct 2d, 1892.
alphabets of the Berbers, The
American educator, The : a library of universal knowledge : comprising a general encyclopedia of literature, history, art, science, invention and discovery : a pronouncing dictionary of the English language : a gazetteer of the world : a comprehensive dictionary of universal biography, etc. with nearly four thousand illustrations.
American hero-myths : a study in the native religions of the Western continent
American languages, and why we should study them.
American race, The : a linguistic classification and ethnographic description of the native tribes of North and South America
Americanus : sacred songs of the ancient Mexicans, with a gloss in nahutk
anales de los cakchiqueles|the annals of the cakchiquels
Ancient Nahuatl poetry, containing the Nahuatl text of XXVII ancient Mexican poems.
annals of the Cakchiquels, The
Anthropology: as a science and as a branch of university education in the United States.
Arawack language of Guiana in its linguistic and ethnological relations., The
archaeology of Cuba., The
Baile de El Güegüence o macho Ratón
basis of social relations; a study in ethnic psychology, The
books of Chilan Balam, The : the prophetic and historic records of the Mayas of Yucatan
Brief van Daniel Garrison Brinton (1837-1899) aan Johannes Diederich Eduard Schmeltz (1839-1909)
Brieven van Daniel Garrison Brinton (1837-1899) aan Johannes Diederich Eduard Schmeltz (1839-1909)
Brinton family, The
Chilam Balam books
Chrestomathie Maya d'après la chronique de Chuc-Xulub-Chen : texte avec traduction interlinéaire, analyse grammaticale et vacobulaire Maya-Français
cradle of the Semites. Two papers read before the Philadelphia Oriental Club., The
Critical remarks on the editions of Diego de Landa's writings.
dwarf tribe of the upper Amazon., The
Essays of an Americanist
ethnologist's view of history. An address before the annual meeting of the New Jersey Historical Society, at Trenton, New Jersey, January 28, 1896., An
External mensuration of the human subject.
Floridian peninsula, The
folk-lore de Yucatán;, El
Grammar of the Cakchiquel language of Guatemala translated from a ms. in the library of the American Philosophical Society, with an introduction and additions, A
Grammar of the Choctaw language
Güegüence, The : a comedy ballet in the Nahuatl-Spanish dialect of Nicaragua
Güegüence, The : a comedy ballet in the nalhual-spanish dialect of Nicaragua
Gügüence a comedy ballet in the Nahuatl-Spanish dialect of Nicaragua..., The
guide-book of Florida and the South, for tourists, invalids and emigrants, A
Horatio Hale.
language of palæolithic man., The
Laws of health in relation to the human form
Lenâpé and their legends with the complete text and symbols of the Walam olum a new translation and an inquiry into its authenticity, The
Lenâpé-English dictionary, A : from an anonymous MS. in the archives of the Moravian Church at Bethlehem, Pa.
Library of aboriginal American literature.
linguistic cartography of the Chaco region. By Daniel G. Brinton ..., The
Maria Candelaria, 1897:
Maya chronicles., The
Modern medical therapeutics: a compendium of recent formulae and specific therapeutical directions, from the practice of eminent contemporary physicians, American and foreign
myth of the new world, The : a treatise on the symbolism and mythology of the red race of America
Myths of the New World, a treatise on the symbolism and mythology of the red race of America, by Daniel G. Brinton..., The
Myths of the New World : the symbolism and mythology of the Indians of the Americas
Nagualism. A study in native American folk-lore and history.
names of the gods in the Kiche myths, Central America., The
national legend of the Chahta-Muskokee tribes., The
native calendar of Central America and Mexico, The : a study in linguistics and symbolism
Notes on the Floridian peninsula, its literary history, Indian tribes and antiquities
notice of some manuscripts in Central American languages;, A
Observations on the Chinantec language of Mexico : and on the Mazatec language and its affinities
On polysynthesis and incorporation : as characteristics of American languages
On the Chane-abal (four-language) tribe and dialect of Chiapas...
On the cuspidiform petroglyphs or so-called bird-track sculptures of Ohio, 1884?:
On the ikonomatic method of phonetic writing, with special reference to American archaeology
On the so-called Alagüilac language of Guatemala.
On the words "anahuac" and "nahuatl"
On the Xinca Indians of Guatemala
On various supposed relations between the American and Asian races.
peoples of the Philippines, The
Personal beauty; how to cultivate and preserve it in accordance with the laws of health.
phonetic elements in the graphic system of the Mayas and Mexicans, The
Primary geography
primer of Mayan hieroglyphics, A
prophetic and historic records of the Mayas of Yucatan, The
protohistoric ethnography of Western Asia, The
pursuit of happiness. A book of studies and strowings, The
pursuit of happiness ... Phila., 1893., The
Races and peoples: lectures on the science of ethnography.
raza americana, La : clasificación lingüística y descripción etnográfica de las tribus indígenas de América del Norte y del Sur
record of study in aboriginal American languages, A
Religions of primitive peoples, 1898
religious sentiment, its source and aim, The : a contribution to the science and philosophy of religion
[Remarks on the nature of the Maya group languages]
Rig Veda americanus. Sacred songs of the ancient Mexicans, with a gloss in Nahuatl.
study of the manuscript Troano, A
vocabulary of the Nanticoke dialect., A
Walam olum
Were the Toltecs an historic nationality? : read before the American Philosophical Society