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Wiley, H.W.
Wiley, Harvey W.
Wiley, Harvey Washington
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writer of accompanying material
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Bigelow, Willard Dell (1806- [from old catalog])
Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress)
Merriam, Clinton Hart (1855-1942)
Roddenbery, Walter Blair
Snow, B. W. (b. 1864.)
Snow, Bernard Willis (b. 1864.)
United States. Division of Chemistry
Veitch, F.P.
Weber, Frederick Clarence ([from old catalog])
Weber, Frederick Clarence (1878- [from old catalog])
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
1001 Tests Of Foods, Beverages And Toilet Accessories, Good And Otherwise: Why They Are So
American wines at the Paris exposition of 1900 : their composition and character
Analyses of cereals collected at the world's columbian exposition, and comparisons with other data.
Beet, cane, and sorghum sugar factories in Florida, Kansas, and Nebraska, ca. 1890
Beretning over brugen af amerikansk mais i Europa ...
Beverages and their adulteration origin, composition, manufacture, natural, artificial, fermented, distilled, alkaloidal and fruit juices
Chemical composition of the carcasses of pigs.
Chemistry and longevity : food in its relation to individual and national development
Composition of maize (Indian corn) : including the grain, meal, stalks, pith, fodder, and cobs
Dr. Wiley's farm in Florida, near Brooksville
Dr. Wiley's Virginia farm, "Grasslands," 1909-24
Durability and economy in papers for permanent records.
Europe, 1900
Experimental work in the production of table sirup at Waycross, Ga., 1905, together with a summary of the four-year experiment on fertilization of sugar cane.
Food and efficiency.
Foods and their adulteration; origin, manufacture, and composition of food products; description of common adulterations, food standards, and national food laws and regulations
Foreign trade practises in the manufacture and exportation of alcoholic beverages and canned goods, summary of an investigation made in Great Britain and Ireland, Germany, and France
France, 1907
General results of the investigations showing the effect of salicylic acid and salicylates upon digestion and health
Goodland, Indiana, 1905
Harvey Washington Wiley papers
Health series.
history of a crime against the food law; the amazing story of the national food and drug law intended to protect the health of the paople, perverted to protect adulteration of foods and drugs, The
House of Representatives, Sixty-first Congress, second session. Report of hearings on H. R. 16925, to regulate the storage of food products in the District of Columbia. H. R. 23010 to provide for the labeling of packages containing foods, beverages, and drugs sold in the District of Columbia, so as to show the weight or measure of the contents thereof H. R. 23011, to levy a tax on certain venders of food, beverages, and drugs in the District of Columbia. Part XXVI. May 27, 1910.
Imperial liberty; an address delivered to the literary societies of Hanover college, June 6, 1898
influence of environment upon the composition of the sugar beet [1900]-, The
Influence of food preservatives and artificial colors on digestion and health. IV.
Kent, England, 1909
lure of the land; farming after fifty, The
Manufacture of denatured alcohol. Based on the operations of an experimental still at Washington, D. C.
manufacture of starch from potatoes and cassava, The
Manufacture of table sirups from sugar cane.
Miscellaneous photographs, ca. 1880-1920
northern sugar industry. A record of its progress during the season of 1883., The
Not by bread alone; the principles of human nutrition
Note on the action of digestive fluids on oil.
Official and provisional methods of analysis, Association of Official Agricultural Chemists.
Paper specifications
preliminary study of the effects of cold storage on eggs, quail, and chickens., A
Principles and practice of agriculture analysis...
Proeven op het gebied van suikerriet-cultuur en de fabricage tot tafelstroop : rapport over de werkzaamheden, gedaan te Waycross en Cairo (Georgia) in 1903 en 1904
pure food cook book, the Good housekeeping recipes, just how to buy--just how to cook, The
Reciprocity with Cuba. Hearings before Committee on Ways and Means, [House of Representatives], Fifty-seventh Congress, first session. Wednesday, January 29, 1902 ...
Record of experiments with sorghum in 1891
Report on the use of maize (Indian corn) in Europe and on the possibilities of its extension ...
Second international congress of allied chemistry
Shipboard activities on the AUGUSTE VICTORIA, LUSITANIA, and other vessels, 1900-09
Sioux City, Iowa, and farm scenes, 1890-1905
Snapshots, 1901
Snapshots made in France, 1896-98
Sugar industry of the United States
sunflower plant..., The
Sweet cassava: its culture, properties and uses
Tributes paid Dr. Wiley by the Northern Pacific Railroad and others, ca. 1910
truth about whisky., The
U.S. Pharmacopeal Convention, Atlantic City, N.J. 1910
Use of cold storage. Letter from the secretary of agriculture transmitting certain data on cold storage and cold-storage products
Why not enforce the laws we already have? How and why industries' outlaws are crucifying Harvey Wiley's pure food and drug law
Wiley's Health Services Book Two: Nutrition, Hygiene, Physiology
Zinc in evaporated apples...