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Sadler, M. T.
Sadler, Michael T.
Sadler, Michael Thomas
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Bethune, John Elliot Drinkwater (1801-1851)
Fawkes, Walter (1769-1825)
Great Britain. Commissioners for Inquiring into the Employment of Children in Factories
Member of the Huddersfield Political Union
Peter, the Pearker
Power, Alfred Sir, 1805-1888
Pyle, Andrew
Rider, William (active 1832-1841.)
Sawbridge, H. B.
Sugiyama, Chūhei
apology for the Methodists, 1797:, An
distress of the agricultural labourers, 1833:, The
distress of the agricultural labourers, illustrated by the speech of M.T. Sadler, Esq. M.P., upon a motion for leave to bring in a bill for their relief, on October eleventh, 1831, The
Englishman's manual
few arguments in favour of Mr. Sadler's bill, for shortening the hours of labour in factories, and against oppression in general, A
first letter to a reformer, in reply to a pamphlet lately published by Walter Fawkes, entitled The Englishman's manual, A
Ireland; its evils and their remedies: being a refutation of the errors of the emigration committee and others touching that country. To which is prefixed, a synopsis of an original treatise, about to be published, on the law of population; developing the real principle on which it is universally regulated.
law of population: a treatise, in six books; in disproof of the superfecundity of human beings, and developing of the real principle of their increase., The
law of population, The : a treatise, in six books; in disproof of the superfecundity of human beings, and developing the real principle of their increase
letter addressed to Michael Thomas Sadler, Esq., M.P., on the subject of emigration, A
Letter to Michael Thos. Sadler, Esq. F.R.S
Mr. Sadler's reply to the calumnies and misrepresentations of the Leeds Mercury letter
Mr. Sadler's speech on moving the second reading of the factories' regulation bill
Observations on a pamphlet by Messrs. Drinkwater and Power the Factory Commissioners, purporting to be "replies" to Mr. Sadler's protest, against the said Commission
On abridging the time of labour in factories
Peter the Pearker's letter to Michael Thomas Sadler, Esq. M.P.
refutation of an article in the Edinburgh Review (no. CII) entitled 'Sadler's law of population, and disproof of human superfecundity', A : containing also additional proofs of the principle enunciated in that treatise, founded on the censuses of different countries recently published
Replies to Mr. M.T. Sadler's protest against the Factory Commission
Reply to the two letters of John Elliot Drinkwater, Esquire, and Alfred Power, Esquire, Factory Commissioners
sadler report
speech of Michael Thomas Sadler, Esq., M.P., in the House of Commons, on the second reading of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill, March 17, 1829, The