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B, E.
B, Edward Burrough
Bourrough, Edward
Burrough, E.
Burrough, Edward
Burroughs, Edward
E. B, Edward Burrough
Friend to all people
Friend to just authority
Lover of truth and just government
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? (s.l.)
Cunradus, Christoffel (Amsterdam)
Cunradus, Christoffel Amsterdam, 1649-1684
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Naylor, James (1617?-1660)
S.n. (Amsterdam)
beschrijvinge van den staet ende de gelegentheyt van het geheele menschelijk-geslacht op het aengesicht van de geheele aerde ende een ontdeckingh aen alle: toonende wat den mensche was in zyn schepping voorde overtreding, en wat hy inde overtreding is ..., Een
Deceit brought to day-light: in an answer to Thomas Collier, what he hath declared in a book called, A dialogue between a minister, and a Christian: but by his fruits hee is tryed and found to be neither. In which answer his lies are returned for the founder to prove; his errors laid open, read, and reproved, and he found to be the same in deeds which he accuses the Quakers to be in words ...
declaration from the people called Quakers to the present distracted nation of England with mourning and lamentation over it because of its breaches, and the cause there-of laid down, with advice and councel how peace, union, and happiness may be restored, and all the present troubles removed., A
declaration of the sad and great persecution and martyrdom of the people of God, called Quakers ... 1660, A
declaration to all the world of our faith. Dutch, A
everlasting gospel of repentance and remission of sins, The : held forth and declared to the inhabitants of the earth ... lest they perish in the day of vengeance, which is near at hand : and this is a message of reconciliation to all people ... but more particularly to the inhabitants of Ireland ...
general epistle to all the saints, A : being a visitation of the Fathers love, unto the whole flock of God ...
memorable works of a son of thunder, 1672:, The
message to the present rulers of England whether Committee of Safety (so called), Councell of Officers, or others whatsoever ..., A
standaert opgerecht ende een baniere voorgehouden tot alle natien, 1669:, Een
standard lifted up. Dutch, A
Three early quaker writings
verklaeringh aen de geheele werelt, van ons geloof, ende wat wy geloven, die Quakers genaemt worden., Een : Ende dit is geschreven op dat alle volkeren ... mogen weten, door wien, ende hoe wy verlost zijn ... ende wat wy geloven aengaende Godt, Christus ende den H. Geest ..
vindication of the people of God called Quakers ..., A : being an answer to a book, dedicated to them, by one George Pressick of Dublin, in which book many lyes and calumnies are presented ...
visitation and presentation of love unto the King, and those call'd royallists, A : consisting ... of an answer to several queries proposed to the people (called Quakers) from a (supposed) royallist ...